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Photo-Adam Knott

Patricia Piccinini has shown in her Tasmanian exhibition, Evolution, that she possesses a fertile imagination.

Piccinini uses her art to explore genetic engineering and the blurred line between the natural and the artificial. She creates freaks of nature imbued with a disarming humanity.

The Long Awaited

The Foundling

Bodyguard for the Golden Helmeted Honeyeater

Surrogate for the Northern Hairynosed Wombat

Surrogate for the Northern Hairynosed Wombat

Piccinini says that she sees herself as an atypical artist - not observing the world from the outside but feeling it within.

The world hits me, it bowls me over, and art is my way of responding.

The Family


Information sourced from article by Drew Warne-Smith writing in The Weekend Australian.



  1. I felt very uncomfortable seeing it - maybe that is the point she was trying to make?

  2. I find this vastly unsettling but then, that is art, isn't it? Shouldn't always warm the heart.

  3. The Foundling reminds me of 'Benjamin Button'. Some of the others could easily fit into Star Trek.

    Am undecided...
    But thank you for sharing this strange fertile imagination.

  4. Hello Rosaria and Natalie,
    I'm of the same opinion, I find the images disturbing especially the babies erupting from the back of the hairy nosed wombat.
    As you say Natalie, perhaps this makes us think about genetic engineering...

  5. Hi Woman in the Window,
    I prefer art that 'warms the heart', but she has a statement to make...

  6. Hello Violet, that's how I saw them, creatures from a sci fi movie...

    I find the foundling quite upsetting...but I am always interested in how other people express their feelings and concerns about the world.

  7. oh, gosh! what was that?! =)

    Always something new to learn...

    Have a nice day, Delwyn.

  8. The line she's blurring for me is the line between the human and the animal world.

    We humans like to think there's a very clearly drawn line between the human and animal realms, and art that blurs that line upsets us.

    I think deep down we know it ain't so. I mean there are people running around with aortic valves harvested from cows and pigs, right?

  9. Creepy and disturbing. Pushes the envelope. Challenges. Just what art should do when it's making a political statement.

    Do I like it? Not particularly.

  10. Hello Dan,
    you are right, some of them do seem like hybrids, and pigs valves, yes. Who would turn one down if necessary...

  11. Meri,how is your day? Yes we need the stirrers don't we...
    But still creepy...

  12. I think she is a great artist I had a look at her website and who am i to judge her work,she is a master in what she does,and they actually do come across as friendly creatures...happy to know this woman.

    Thank you Dewlyn great post again !

  13. Mona, well most of us found her work disturbing so I am glad that you thought the creatures friendly. I agree that she is a talented artist.
    happy evening to you

  14. I must admit that I rather like it. I like the creatures anyway. In an odd sort of way, however, weird as it is, it seems like Hollywood as much as art...although if I start thinking about "what is art?" then I'm lost fast.

  15. Hello BBM,

    Some of them are a little reminiscent of ET...I wonder if she will ever be approached by Hollywood...

  16. I've actually seen some of her work in a museum in NYC a few years ago...disliked it then as much as I do now...

  17. Thank you for this post...I am always interested in new types of art. The "wombat" was cute from the front but it's "behind" gave me the willies! lol
    I am interested in how she actually makes them.. silicon?

  18. Hi Tulsa,
    I think its a latex product, but if you go to her website you can find out all about her work.

  19. Delwyn Wow.....

    Thank you for bring this artist and her art to your blog. How amazing and crazy talented are some people.

    Love Renee

  20. Renee, I there exbirthday girl...

    That is the wonderful thing, that we all have different things that excite us and motivate us...
    have a happy day Renee ( I love that rhyme)

  21. Renee - of course I mean HI THERE...

    silly fingers, flashing fast forgetting foolishly fumbling...

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  23. Hi there anon

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    Happy days


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