Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Mean Mother


Sitting beside the computer is a framed copy of a drawing my eldest daughter drew at kindergarten. Looking at it the other day I was reminded of the Meanest Mother story.

My mothering began in the late 70s. Somewhere at that time I found a copy of the Meanest Mother story written in 1967, which many of you will know.

Each time I admonished the kids for small infractions or cajoled them to co-operate and they grumped I would use the broken record technique and spout...

"But don't you know by now that I am the meanest mother in the world."

Recently I came across the story again on the internet and I was surprised at how dated the content has become. I was going to include it here but while some of the article still has merit, much of it is obsolete.

My children have turned into sensible, reliable, happy, settled adults with partners and jobs and hopes for the future. But best of all, even though she was the meanest mother in the world they love and respect their Mother.


  1. Oh! We are a clever bunch, to threaten, cajole and pass on the essentials of life without eating our young.

  2. Hello lakeviewer - a kindred mean mother???

    I read recently of a baby tuatara (don't worry I've a blog prepared about him) who has beaten the odds to survive in NZ, and now must avoid his carnviorous parents!!!!

    Some parents do devour their kids don't they in an attempt to live vicariously, and give them the best that life offers, maybe with the best of conscious intentions...

  3. Hello! Thank you for your comments!
    Oh, gee...that reminds me of when I once screamed at my mother "I hate you!" and she ...very calmly...said, "That's OK, I love you anyway."

    I'm going to be 38 pretty soon and I don't have kids, but where I work I see a lot of mothers with their children and I'm always in awe...

    Children's pictures are great when they are framed...I love that picture!

  4. Hello Tulsa,
    well if you change your mind it will need to be sooner than later. I was in my late 30's by the time we got Ae-Ran and I really enjoyed the mothering at that age, a lot less pressure on myself.
    I'm going to email you to have a chat...

  5. Did you have a good day Delwyn?...I am so happy for you because it "can" turn out very different.
    i was baby sitting my sisters twin at a very young age that was a big task and to have them listening to me i had to be the mean Aunt sometimes,now they are both grown ups with children of there own we have a mutual respect for each other and we get along so well!
    There has always been a feeling of doubt about having children of my own and arriving at 41 this year the possibility grows smaller and smaller.
    Have a lovely autumn evening,do you still paddle?

  6. Hello Mona my friend,

    Yes I can't claim all the credit for having happy balanced kids, there are so many other variables.
    Would you like children?

    We haven't been paddling at night because it is getting dark too quickly now. We planned to go today, but being windy and also being tired - this morning we gardened at son #1 house that he is vacating... lots of fronds to cut and drag out...maybe tomorrow we'll get on the boards after early morning marketeering.
    Happy days

  7. I had a great feeling of accomplishment when my two children grew up and told me they liked me and that I was a "cool" parent...and this is to one of the "mean mothers"!

  8. Hello Oliag from a cool and windy Sunday in Qld (still 22*C),

    I think it is one of the greatest accomplishments in life...that our children like us and want to spend time with us.
    Happy days to another mean mother.


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