Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dogs Through the Ages


Bullsy Love with my beloved. D.D. (Dim Distant Past Age)

My husband's favourite childhood dog. Unlike Tambi the royal corgi
who took a chunk out of his leg, Bullsy Love was a boy's best friend.

Rastus, the Zen dog, B.C. (Before Children Age)

Rastus was a mutt, but the most affectionate dog I have ever known.

Rastus, Lover of Boats and all things moving

Rastus was re-christened Rosie by Milo (Beloved's mother)
when we left New Zealand to live in Australia. She wanted
to bring out her feminine side!

Noodle the Poodle, W.C. (With Children Age)

Poodles are supposed to be very intelligent.
This one proved that theory very wrong.

Goldie, W.3C. (With 3 Children Age)

Goldie came to us was from the pound and was already full grown.
She lived until she was fifteen. She was so gentle and good
natured that our 4th child could ride on her back.

Kealia, A.C. (After Children Age)

Once the children had grown and Goldie and Colours, the cat,
had passed on we decided we would like a break from animals
just as we were having a break from children. But when my son went overseas,
for his rite of passage, Kealia was handed down and came to live
with us. She is now grown and she is naughty.
Kealia becomes most indignant and bossy if we paddle without her.

Kealia is very envious of George over at Kate's place:
Chronicles of a Country Girl, who has such fun with frisbees
and running free on acreage, that she wanted me to let him know
she has taken up this great sport. - Doesn't get a lot of exercise this
way, mind you but wow, what a vantage point to view
the passing world.

Textures used on my photographs that require credit are, in order : Curly - sheispretty stock; chopped-tps stock; isn't it romantic-solstock


  1. Hi there Pamel - a new face - how exciting, and a doogie love to boot...

  2. Pamela - my mind outruns my typing fingers - should be A DOOGIE LOVER.

  3. I wish there was a symbol of a heart on my computer.
    Lovely family you have Delwyn included the dogs.
    Getting goooood with the textures!

  4. Rastus. That dog's loving heart shines right out of the photographs. She must have been some dog.

    We had a dog in our W.C. age who died 2 years into our A.C. age. I miss him. A cat moved soon after our dog died, and just recently that cat, too, has died. Separation from those we hold dear hurts!


  5. Dan: I am touched by your sensitive heart. There is something about having an animal or two on board. You begin to need them as much as they need you. We took Kealia over to the doggy beach on the pacific ocean side of town for a great long walk early this am. She is still sleeping off the exuberance.

  6. This was another totally delightful post!!

  7. Willow: thanks for the vote of confidence.


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