Monday, March 2, 2009

Get a Life


I received a warning from one of my daughters yesterday who told me that I should be careful with my blogging because it was going the way of my card making ( read obsessive, and hear the derision in her voice...) and that people will start to think that I am crazy.

My other daughter, with somewhat more concern, asks me in the evenings when she comes in from a hard day's work, what I have done all day. And tells me to get a life.

I have for over nearly forty years juggled the needs of a husband and four children; the need for a home to run efficiently and smoothly and for it to be warm and comforting; to meet all responsibilities, duties and obligations of being a parent and at the same to develop my own interests; to keep fit; to go back to school; to study, study, and complete more study; to earn new credentials and to put that qualification to use; to be a business partner and sounding board; to give time voluntarily to the children's school and to the community.

I have juggled all these needs and endeavours like a frenzied circus performer in a big top full of bustling, noisy, jostling, sweaty performers and I am now so relieved, so glad, so joyfilled to be able to put aside all those competitors for my time and energy, all those demanding needs that flew around my head like celestial bodies in a crazed sky out of kilter.

And now I can take the time to breathe and know that I am breathing

to look and know that I am seeing

to feel and know that I am connected

to think and know that I am learning and opening my mind

to wonder and know that I am in awe

I don't need to get a life

I am immersed in one, living every moment:
Like my paddling it may be slow, one stroke after another,
it may be simple
but it is full of light
and shadow and colour
I feel the tug of the breeze
see the birds coasting home
marvel at the Brahminy kite
soaring with his eagle eye
I have family to love
and friends to share with
And I know that I am fortunate.

My life travels at a gentle pace
but it is mellow and rewarding

I don't need to get a life
I have a rich and deep life
and it is full of the Lovely

Oh Happy Days

The painting of the Juggler is by Nicolette Cecolli


  1. Hay,Just one greating and to tell you I like how you play with your pics,how you write and that you know work of Nicolette Cecolli,ciao,Sandra

  2. Hello Aleksandra - welcome to my place and thanks for your nice comments.

  3. You have a life - a very creative one.
    This is just one outlet to let the rest of the world share it with you.
    And I, for one, am grateful you found me, and inspire me.

  4. Violet, that is a very gratifying comment coming from someone that I hold in esteem.

  5. An examined life is a wonderful life indeed!

  6. Yes Pamela, I think it was Socrates who said 'an unexamined life is not worth living,' wasn't it?

  7. WARNING There has been a warning put out about a killer virus that gobbles up your c drive!!!
    Don't open anything that says Hallmark or card or similar.

  8. I think your daughters are under pressure to accomplish what you already have done..They probably will do the same when age is on there side.

  9. I actually think we use this expression in dutch so don't know if it makes sense too say: age is on your side, ooh ooh i do this all the time.

  10. I wonder what they really mean when they say, "Get a life!" I don't think they could fail to notice the wonderful life that you're obviously living. You're creative, talented, engaged, and doing a wonderful blog.

    Perhaps they feel you're spending too much time at the keyboard and not enough time asking after them?

  11. Mona : yes we say the same, and I agree they only see life through their eyes and haven't yet developed an empathic perception.

  12. I like the 'juggling act' painting, Delwyn - I often feel like that at this point in my life, but I have just enough perspective to really enjoy it, too. I know my life won't always be so crazy-hectic as now, and it makes me really appreciate moments like this, right now, when the kids are asleep, the house is quiet, and I have time for myself to 'surf' uninterupted, see what is happening in the world and catch up with family & friends. no, the house is not in perfect order, but I am confident the laundry will still be there to fold tomorrow :)

  13. Dan: Yes I think they see writing and playing with photos and postcards as somehow lazy and not to be thought of as creative.

  14. Aloha Val P , so nice to hear from you. You have a sound outlook Valerie, maybe being a mature mum helps you to both appreciate the present and look for that little corner for yourself. The laundry will always be there my after day ad infinitum...

  15. Val, I've just noticed, it appears that the juggler's head has come loose...ah I know that feeling...

  16. They would be blessed to have half the life you're living!

  17. I am so glad you're here in the blog world, sharing your glorious inner life with us! It's the duty of your children to harass you. So nice that you can now jump off the carrousel, breathe, and write.

  18. Meri,
    one day they will now the difference...

  19. Reya, good morning from the future... yes they do a good job! The life AC is a completely different one to WC. both are rewarding in their own ways.

  20. They may envy the freedom and satisfaction that is sounds like you have now at this stage in your life. I'm still trying to juggle those responsibilities, and often feel guilty for hours spent writing at my computer - as if it's a naughty indulgence, and yet it's the pleasure that makes my peaceful heart sing. But now, back to the washing, and making some dinner, and doing the school run .... ha ha. Blessings to you, Delwyn.

  21. Samantha - damn that guilt...why should we feel unproductive when we are being creative - that old protestant work ethic maybe...for me anyway...

    Thanks for coming my I'll come and visit you...


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