Wednesday, March 25, 2009



No prizes for knowing where the bloggers are...

It would seem that many of us are suffering from the same affliction or should I say addiction.

I tell my beloved that I am waiting for the novelty to wear off as I am a relative newcomer to blogging. It doesn't appear to be happening. My enthusiasm has not waned at all.
In fact, I am finding that this silky thread I am weaving across the seas, in and out of foreigner's homes, and lives, and interests is becoming more and more complex, colourful and interwoven in its design.

I have found people with similar interests, with rich and creative lives, with the same appreciation for life, and with a shared curiosity for and awe at the workings of this universe of ours.
I have also found people whose interests are very divergent from mine but with whom I have made an acquaintance or a friendship which would never have occurred in the threading of my normal life.

The spinning pattern of interwoven threads that is produced by my meanderings and engendered by my writing and the stories of others has something of a self perpetuating cyclic nature.

Like the rat's tail knitting I made as a kid on an old wooden cotton reel around four tiny nails, I find that the tales I tell lead me to the stories of others, which in turn take me to places I am unaware of. And as I weave my way around the globe I am continuously inspired, reminded, stimulated and provoked by stories and posts which lead me to new corners of my mind and imagination which will in turn spawn further new stories.

A word or a thought or an image will leap off the screen, or a line will jump from the newspaper, a spark will shoot through my synapses, or a word fall from the mouth of a friend in conversation and I will know that I have the germ of an idea which I can catch and thread yet another story in this fine, rewarding and shared web of blogging.

I think it best that I sign up now...

But then again, I don't think that I can...



  1. G-day Delwyn! Oh, I am so addicted as well. Bloganon is perfect. There will be many of us there. Maybe it could be a website that we could all visit and leave comments! I've amused myself.

    Sorry I didn't put a link to Wikipedia to explain grits. I've gone back & made that correction after receiving your comment. Of course most of the world has no idea what grits are.

    Check out this description at:
    It is a Southern thing in the U.S. Few northerners care for it, but sweet Willow says she enjoys grits.

    As an aside I had a beagle who I named Grits. He had white feet, underside, and tip of his tail. A little 3 year old girl said he looked like he had walked through grits or mashed potatoes. We decided Grits would be a better name than Mashed Potatoes, so Grits it was!

    I'm off to Bloganon!

  2. Whenever I feel uninspired, I just have to travel through my feeds. I am immediately transported into other lives, other perspectives. Then I start several drafts...
    and continue reading!

  3. Yes, you now have a true addiction that doesn't make you fat, or lazy or afraid. It takes you on field trips, mind trips, and political discourses. It is free and available 24/7; asks not what you can do for it; but, what it can do for you.

    (Exception: if you are not careful, your nails will be split by all that typing)

  4. Hi Lizzy, I will go and get myself informed on Grits...
    Its a great name for a dog...especially a small one that needs to have 'grits' to face the bigger obstreperous dogs.

  5. Violet, my friend,
    everyday I find more interesting and eclectic posts that catch me in their sticky webs... and I always feel gratitude afresh when I hear the struggles of others as well as the joys and achievements they describe.

  6. Lakeviewer, hello to you today this beautiful summer day of 28* C. - perfect weather...

    I'm not concerned about the nails so much as the right upper arm. I have a constant ache in my mousing muscle! a new disorder I think 'mouseitis' - inflammation of the mousing scrolling muscle...

  7. It's not an addiction. It's a pure priming of the writing pump. Once primed, the words just flow giving refreshment to everyone that drinks them up. I'm sure it's not an addiction. It's not. It's not.

  8. Meri, OK if you say so, I hang on every word of yours!
    Ahhh now I feel better, I'm just priming the pump.
    You are a clever girl!
    Thank you for rescuing me from that empty room...

  9. Delwyn, I love the picture and the post is so true, probably for all of us.

    Your recipe for cabbage sounds delicious.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. Hello Renee, Yes tis very scrumptious...

  11. Hello perfect is this weather huh!..I am happy the novelty is NOT wearing of!

  12. Hello Delwyn,how perfect is this weather huh!..I am happy the novelty is not wearing of!

  13. Hi Mona- you felt like saying that twice for emphasis?
    I agree the days are beautiful...the days are beautiful...
    Happy days my friend

  14. I've been around and around this topic, Delwyn. I've blogged over 3 years now. You stated it beautifully. Bottom line for me is that I am having conversations with lovely people, like you all the way in Australia, and my life is far richer than it was. It exists in balance with the rest of my life, but it's taken me a while to figure out that balance.

  15. Good evening Ruth, nice to see you. Well I guess you have had time to get some perspective on this issue. I waiting for some balance ...I think the scales are tipped too far one way!

  16. The bloggers couldn't come to the meeting. They're home at their computers, blogging.

    Good post, Delwyn. And I think you've touched on the addictive/compulsive nature of blogging.

  17. I started blogging at the start of this year and am clearly addicted too.
    I think I will have to choose certain days in the week to do bloggy stuff so that I don't stay glued to the computer for too long.

    But I am very happy to have started blogging since I have been able to "meet" so many beautiful blogs and people like you!

  18. Absolutely, and very well said. I never thought I'd make such strong connections with people I've never met before. Is there a 12-step program for this kind of addiction?

  19. Thank you for putting into words what I have been thinking. It amazes me (and bewilders my dearest) at how much this "addiction" has come to mean to me.

    What I appreciate is I am noticing the little things - really little things (like the reflection in a raindrop as seen julochka's picture) it helps me appreciate the beauty around me and how my everyday occurrences aren't normal to others (like where all the snow goes when it melts)

    I adore your post, and appreciate it.

  20. I get annoyed when people talk about blogging as an addiction. It's a phenomenon of social interaction unlike anything that has ever existed! We're forming relationships with people we would never have known existed in any other way.

    Instead of reading about how a local lawyer murdered his wife, or about people killed in car wrecks, when I read blogs I am encouraged by the humanity, thoughtfulness and beauty of my fellow bloggers.

    This is NOT an addiction. We're building something, a neural network of humanity all around the planet.


  21. I am in total agreement with Reya!!!! Very well put.

  22. Good morning Reya, well this post certainly struck a nerve with you. You have reiterated what my intentions were in this tongue in cheek message: the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives - However in my life I need to redress the balance issue regarding time allocation.

  23. Hi Dan, I'm glad you understand the feeling. I have a lot of spare time now and while I am loving writing and reading to do it all day long is becoming habit forming and there are other things to be done...

  24. Bella - I think we understand where we are each at with this...
    I'm glad to have met you and all the other people who comment here and on other blogs, and join in discussions and the ones who sit on the sidelines - I'd love to meet you too....

  25. Welcome Jules, I am coming to visit you later today after my walk, will you be home?

    I agree with you I love to see snippets of other people's lives and how similar little things are to my life and then again how very different they can be too. It connects us, thrills us and teaches us at the same time.

  26. Welcome Hailey to my place, I am so excited to see you but I won't tell you why just yet...I had a quick glance at your home page and am impressed by your thoughtfulness, I am coming to catch up later today...see you then
    Happy Days

  27. Tulsa, that sounds a good plan, this is just where my post of yesterday was leading get some perspective on this activity...

    The feeling is mutual...
    happy days

  28. Delwyn, thank you for writing down what is happening here. You explained it perfectly. I am sure that if my husband reads your post and puts it together with the person he knows me to be, then he will easily understand the lure of the keyboard!
    The cartoon is really fun!

  29. Firelight, well I'm glad the post has been useful to some people...


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