Thursday, March 12, 2009

Regrets - I have one...


This is me floating on the Dead Sea.
It's an amazing feeling.
The water is an amazing colour
and the smell of the minerals is amazingly horrible.

It was easy to float on my back,
I wondered what it would be like if I flipped over...
I rolled to my side
and whoosh my legs flicked out behind me
and I was cast,
like a dying fly on the window ledge.

To extricate myself from this pose
and return to my first position
was a battle to keep my face
out of the mineral soup.
It may have done it good

One word of advice:
If you should ever
want to bathe in the Dead Sea-
Do not allow vanity insist
you shave your legs or underarms
Because you will live to regret it.


  1. G morning I was reading i thought :I hope you did not shave the legs!..I have not been there but had this experience in a sauna where they had a salt water lake..

    Just thinking did you go to the Onsen while you where in Japan?..

  2. Good morning Mona, So you know the feeling???
    Yes I went to a few, some during the walk and after when we were recuperating on Lake Ashi at Hakone. That was my favourite onsen - There was an outdoor pool where you could lie back in a specially contoured shape to fit the body and gaze at the stars...

  3. This is a fun post.

    Your comment on my post; I agree 100%. It is a given.


  4. I don't get the connection between shaving legs and floating in the Dead Sea.

  5. Lakeviewer- hello- believe me there is a big one. The Dead sea has such a high salt and mineral content that any tiny little nick or abrasion feels as if it is being bathed in fire.

  6. That is an amazing blue! Wonder if I would have thought not to shave? You're looking very cute!

  7. Hi Lizzy - It reminds me of that saying "fools rush in where angels fear to tread.." - I didn't think about the consequence...

    The photo was taken a while back...

  8. OUCH! OOH, OOH!

    Yep I am hearing you, Delwyn!

    Gorgeous water and very cute Delwyn too.xx

  9. The photos are gorgeous and you made me laugh!

    Thank you also for the wonderful comment on my blog!

  10. nice one Delwyn, especially the ending part. i couldn't help but laugh a little.sorry....

    herm...must be really REALLY uncomfortable...

    haa, onsen sounds good...wish i have one, here in my country...

  11. Hi Natalie, you got the message! and thanks ...

  12. SarahL : These holiday foibles are often funnier in retrospect...Nice to talk with you again.
    Happy days

  13. Moonshin: hi there , how are things your way?
    I guess the West's answer to the Onsen is the spa tub...altho' in New Zealand we had hot suphur springs for therapeutic bathing at Hamner ...smelly there too.

  14. Yes, while reading this I was remembering the sulphur springs in Rotarua - the smell!!

    ouch, the stinging, I can well imagine.

  15. Hi VS - yes very like Rotorua, altho I think maybe Rotorua may just win the pongy small competition over the Dead Sea. The hotel water was tainted so you couldn't brush your teeth under the tap.
    Actually it was the weirdest hotel. Everyone lined up at the dining room door and rushed in for the first sitting, and after a very rushed meal they bustled us out and I watched as a waiter shook out the used serviettes and refolded them for the next sitting!!!!!!
    I was travelling with a girl friend and they were adamant that we share a double bed!! We didn't!!

  16. VS thats a pongy SMELL competition of course.

  17. Love the pics! I'm not so intrigued by the Dead Sea that I would ever get in it. You're braver than I am, by far!

  18. Reya, I just had to experience the weightlessness. The indoor spas were pretty horrible, very hot, smelly and people with nasty looking sores...I couldn't soak there too long...

  19. Vanity has never made me shave my legs or under my arms yet.

  20. BBM Hello there this Friday night,

    you know Mark I have been waiting for that comment from you...


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