Saturday, March 21, 2009



May 2002

February 2009

No rattle of the id tag as you patter around the verandahs
no wistful"are we going for a walk yet?" looks
no barking at the passing paddleboarders on the river
no early morning ambles on the riverside
no sneaky naps on the outdoor sofa
no one to talk to as I hang out the washing
no clawing at the deck to find Bluey
no sneaky intuder pushing open doors
no tennis balls to throw in the park
no hunched up shoulder stare telling me you are hungry
no rushing at the evening bats
no straggler to put to bed at night

It is a long and quiet day being dogless

A Haiku for Kealia

One Border Collie
Naughty, willful, tricky, but
gentle and so sweet

In memory of Kealia, 2002-2009


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Pets are so intertwined into our lives that they leave a big hole when they're gone.

  2. Delwyn, I am so sorry for your loss. I have a beloved dog whose picture is on my blog. I think it's especially hard to lose a smart dog, as I know Border Collies are, because they are so much more present than other dogs. Thank you for sharing her pictures.

  3. Oh what a sad thing it is to lose a beloved friend and family member. A beautiful dog for sure.
    Sending you a cuddle from down the coast.xx♥

  4. Een mooie hond
    ben nu alleen
    alleliefste vriend

    This Is my haiku for your dear friend.

    xxx Mona

  5. Mona
    how sweet, please translate...

  6. one Beautiful dog
    to be alone now
    my dearest friend

    xxx mona

  7. Oh. I am so sorry about your beloved Kealia.

  8. Dear Violet,Mona, Victoria, Natalie, Jennifer, Meri Dan, Reya, Kate, thank you for your kind thoughts.

  9. Oh you have lost a family member ...your beloved dog. Please accept my prayers.

  10. Oh Delwyn, I'm so sorry! A beloved pet's life is too brief. Your poem so beautifully conveys all of the holes that are left.

    The pictures of Kealia are both so sweet. I love the funny expression on his puppy face.

  11. Hello Bee, Thanks for your thoughts, it's nice to know there are so many caring people out there.
    Kealia was not the best behaved dog but had a huge personality and took up a lot of space in our lives. She will be sorely missed.

  12. Sarah Lulu
    Thank you, pets are family aren't they...

  13. Losing an animal is so awful. I'm very sorry you lost your beautiful border collie. The poem and haiku are beautiful.

    Sending love and tenderness in your direction.

  14. Delwyn, I saw your comment at Country Girl's blog about your Kealia. Thank you for posting her photo here. I just wanted to say as one dog lover to another, I am very sorry that you have lost a beloved one. Peace be with you.

  15. Reya, thank you my blogging friend.

  16. Firelight: Welcome to ahazymoon - I love newcomers...and thank you for your making the effort to post such nice sentiments.
    Happy days

  17. such a precious puppy, sorry for your loss

  18. Runmotman, thanks for your thoughts

  19. Delwyn, I am so sorry for your loss. It is so difficult to lose a dog, they are such a part of the family. Kealia is such a lovely name and 7 years is way too short. Again I am so sorry. I hope you find a new friend to ease the pain. I've been through this more times than I like to remember, but I remember each and every one of my dogs just as if they left me yesterday. Hugs, Lizzy

  20. Dear Lizzy,
    As you may have noticed in my 'Dogs thru the ages post', we have had a number of canine family members too.
    We always joked that Beloved's mother's vegetable garden housed a whole life time's worth of outlived dogs, but now my little front courtyard has become something of a shrine with son 2's recently deceased cat and Kealia lying side by side. They lie under the arms of a frangipani tree. There are 2 tennis balls on Kealia's fresh mound...with a vase of flowers...

    Thank you Lizzy. This week I have noticed which of my blogging friends have a love of animals and also which have deep hearts...

  21. Oh, Delwyn. I'm so sorry to read this. She was so young, and obviously such a treasured part of the family. I lost my sheltie when he was 8. It was rather sudden, and he had to be put down with strangers while we were across the country on Christmas vacation. It still tears me apart to know that he didn't have a familiar face to stroke his head while he passed. Anyway, I'm so, so, so very sorry.

  22. Thank you Bella, I am really touched by all the messages.


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