Monday, March 1, 2010

Hula Moon Wedding


The Hula Moon Wedding
will go down in the family annals
as the Tsunami Wedding

At 6am the tsunami sirens went off
warning us to evacuate the bay
so as yet unaware of the time
before the expected wave
we grabbed our belongings
and headed for higher ground

After unloading family and belongings 
at the rented house
of a family member
in Princeville on the bluff
we return to the bay
to salvage the wedding food 
and the refreshments

and then 30 of us
spend the day waiting

 At 2pm the road down to Hanalei 
was re-opened
and we made our way back to the bay
with belongings
and food
and beverages galore

And there everyone chipped in:
while some fired up the BBQ
others made floral arrangements 
with flowers collected from neighbouring gardens

others prepared the flares
set the tables
bought copious amounts of ice
for the eskies
found houpia pie for the desert
raided rental homes for cutlery and crockery 
and the hawaiian musician and photographer 
arrive from the south of the island

and by 4.30pm

we had them married...

Oh Happy days

and then we could all relax
and celebrate
under the Hula Moon



  1. Happy Days, indeed! Congratulations to you and your family. They are a beautiful couple! I am so happy that you are all safe and no tsunami invaded your paradise.

  2. A Tsunami Wedding under a Hula Moon, that sounds very romantic, if you ask me. So glad things turned out so well, Delwyn. May they have many Happy Days!♥

  3. Oh yes, Delwyn, Happy Days!!! I'm so glad the wedding proceeded as scheduled and that you are all safe and sound.

    Have a marvelous holiday. We will all be waiting for pics of your walks on Kauai.

  4. Wishing them a surplus of Happy Days! The story of their wedding day will always provide more than the usual adventure factor! Hopefully, the Bride has nerves of steel!

  5. I am happy it all turned out good.

  6. I'm glad the turn of events made it a more memorable day instead of a day that didn't happen. It kind of makes their wedding day extra special. :) Looks gorgeous, and I'm glad you are all safe.

  7. So exciting and beautiful. Such a lovely moment. So thankful for the happy days!

  8. Congratulations, Delwyn. Wow. And as you say, Happy Days! May their marriage be wonderful, fulfilling, and durable.

  9. quite a day, and such a lovely wedding, not one to be forgotten soon! we are so fortunate to have good friends like you & Jim, and feel a part of the extended ohana. Aloha nui, D,V,E & N

  10. The Hula Moon. It was a glorious moon last night.


  11. Oh Hawaii, only in my dreams. Thanks for sharing I was looking forward to hearing how the wedding went.

  12. oh delwyn, such tremendous happiness for you and your son and daughter-in-law!!!! steven

  13. How lovely - Blessings to you all!

    "The Tsunami Sirens" sounds like a punk band.

  14. Was thinking of you!! How beautiful and what a memory to be made... their wedding story will be so unique and they will love sharing it for years!!

    Blessings everyone!

  15. So thrilled that things worked out. So happy the tsunami was a non-event. It could have been far, far worse.

  16. An adventure to always remember. So nice it all turned out well with everyone's kind help!

  17. Glad to hear that all went well. Very best wishes and congratulations.

  18. Congratulations to your son and your new daughter! I'm just catching up with your posts, but just knew you were in Kauai. I thought about you while the tsunami warning was taking place and everyone was heading to higher ground, especially since Hanalei was expected to be vulnerable. I'm so sorry the plans went awry, but I can see there were two beautiful people married in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Oh happy hula day!

  19. Dear kind and thoughtful blog friends

    thank you all for your concern about our tsunami experience and for your generous kind wishes.
    I really am touched by the words you have expressed and although I have never met you all I feel closer to you...

    It will certainly be an extra memorable day, how many young ones can claim that they waited for the tsunami to pass before getting married on the beach! Weren't we lucky that there was a beach and a beach house to return to...

    Today the newly weds went on a helicopter tour of the island before we all congregated at the beach house to sup and sip on left overs...

    Happy days

  20. So pleased it all went ahead, if not as planned. Was thinking of you all when we heard the news.
    Congratulations to the couple - may their lives be filled with "happy days."

  21. Congratulations, Delwyn!
    So good to hear this wonderful news from you! And glad to know
    that the Tsunami was over without any damage! Best wishes to the couple and all of you!!

  22. Delwyn

    Thought about you all day Saturday-glad to know the wedding took place. I wish the bride and groom much happiness and a wonderful life together.

    Tracy :)

  23. So glad everything worked out. We just had our son's wedding last July at an historic farm in Peabody MA. A huge storm rolled in with black clouds and winds about 45min before the ceremony. We moved into the barn and half way through the ceremony the clouds cleared and the sun came out and we opened the double barn doors to the most beautiful scene complete with a rainbow. It was magic!
    A big hug and congrats to you!!

  24. What a tale to tell in the years to come. Hula Moon. I'd so love to see one. And the bride's bouquet? Most lovely.

  25. It was an anxious time and I'm so glad that their special day turned out so beautifully. xa


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