Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Koala Count


The Koala count...

this morning
I came across 
a familiar shape
resting in a gum tree
soaking up the early sun

a new koala...
how exciting

a young juvenile
I think

with a soft fuzzy brown face

changing trees
to settle
for the day...

So now we have met
Grandfather Grey Butt

Speckled Butt

Last night at dusk
I met Red Eye
a very fearless koala
who was walking 
along the track
stopping to chat
with sunset strollers 
and joggers
and very sprightly
clambered up a gum tree

He was scratching his face
his eye red
indicating he has the koala disease
My camera batteries had died
so no image of Red Eye

and today
we have encountered
Brown face

So if what the Wildlife Volunteer 
told me is true
that there are less than ten koalas
left in the park
we have now met four 
of the inhabitants
and I am still looking...



  1. Oh! theres almost nothing sweeter than a koala hugging a tree. You are so lucky to see them Delwyn. How i would love to go for a walk with you and observe and count them.
    thank you for sharing this.
    ♥ lori

  2. Super shots Delwyn. Is the Koala disease responsible for there being such low numbers?

  3. Delwyn,
    Great pictures and great post! I hope that the Koalas can overcome all the threats they are facing as a species. They are adorable creatures.

  4. Welcome to the Indian wildlife club. Thank you for stopping by,

    happy days

  5. Hi Lori

    I know that you would love the walk I take around the coastal bays...and to see a koala is still a real treat for me too...I get as excited as a kid...

    Red eye looked just like a toy as he clambered up a huge gum tree and clung by his claws to the trunk for a rest.

    Happy days

  6. Hi Martin

    the disease is part of the problem. Rampant development on the sea board of Au -where we all live - is another, and thirdly road kill unfortunately...
    I hope to see more and will eventually give my findings to the appropriate organisation...

    Happy days

  7. Hi there Alexis

    now that many people are aware of the problem there is an increasing pressure on both wildlife organisations and the govt to take measures.

    I will do some further research so I can let you know what can be done.

    happy days

  8. Oh! Delwyn, the Koala's are so cute and cuddly looking. You brought to mind a toy one I had for many years, sent to me by a lady in Australia, even though it was just a toy, it looked very like those beauties climbing the trees.

  9. Hi Alexis and all interested in Koalas

    google tells me that the Koala Foundation would like to see the Koala listed as 'Vulnerable' Australia wide.

    In my state of Queensland they have had this listing since 2003.

    Some papers say koala numbers have decreased 64% in the last 10 years

    Au wide there may be 80,000 or there may only be 43,000

    Management practices are being investigated

    If the koala receives the 'Vulnerable' status all developments within koala habitat zones would come under federal oversight.

    It is important to save this animal's decline.

    Especially as it is Queensland's faunal emblem and is an international Australian icon

    thanks for your interest.
    The koala foundation has useful information

  10. Hi Delwyn,
    Super photos. Koalas are such beautiful animals - it would be a crime if they were allowed to disappear! I hope you succeed in counting all 10 in your area.
    Kind regards,
    PS. Just love the names you are giving them!

  11. Hi Delwyn: I like to imagine that they are being drawn to your area because of the peace and love you emanate ... perhaps they sense that near you they will be safe, honoured and appreciated. Of course, my imaginings like to go a step further and imagine that they have come to confer the blessing of their presence on you, too.

    We always say there is SO much more than we know or understand ... so perhaps such imaginings are within the realm of the possible.

    Was Red Eye allowing people to touch him?

  12. You have koalas, we have squirrels.

    Somehow I think you got the best of that deal.

  13. Perhaps you will be their saviour, indirectly of course, maybe your photos were meant to be part of raising the awareness of the Koala's dwindling numbers! They have a very innocent look about them, cuddly!

  14. Can I ask why you suspect the last one to be a juvenile? Is there some way of knowing? Size or markings perhaps? Just curious. I'm reminded of the Eagle in America and how low the numbers dwindled for years... then after being on the endangered species list, their numbers are thriving these days. Hopefully the Koala will follow in those footsteps.

  15. They are so sweet and adorable looking. I sincerely hope this disease can be eradicated and they will fall under government protection. Thanks for educating us and allowing us a glimpse of them from your walks. What dear little creatures.

  16. Wow! I am your follower #200!
    You got a fine blog!

  17. Delwyn, I love that you have koalas enough to count. The young one is a sweetie! Happy 200!

    HBFG, welcome!

  18. Oh Delwyn! How lucky you are to see these furry lovables. I don't know what would be best, cuddling one in my arms or going for a nature walk with you and help you count them.

    thank you for sharing your amazing encounters.

    Lola xx

  19. How lucky you are - and how lucky we are to see them through your lens.

  20. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I found it really interesting.
    I'll be back often!!

  21. Hello Donna

    it is nice to have you here,
    and I hope we can get to know each other..

    Happy days

  22. Hello Ann

    they do appear very soft toy like and I suppose that is why they are so cute and cuddly.

    Happy days

  23. Hi Elcmae
    I would love to spot some more and will be going out at least once a day now on my walks in the park so here's hoping.
    The koalas seem to name themselves...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Bonnie

    if your postulations were true it would be a lovely world...

    I think that touching koalas in a wildlife park under supervision is one thing the wild quite another...did you see his claws?

    We tend to keep our distance out of respect for his feelings for safety, even though he was walking up to people I don't really think he was extending a handshake....

    runners were surprised to bound up on him and he could have taken umbrage...
    good questions though..

    Happy days

  25. Hi Barry

    I think they are both pretty cute...but being an Aussie, albeit a naturalised one, I have to go with the koala...

    Happy days

  26. Hi Wanda

    yes I can do that and maybe the koala foundation will benefit from my observations if I continue to spot them...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Vicky

    yes people are now very much more concerned about their dwindling numbers.

    I thought he was a youngster because of a few things: he was very sprightly, he seemed a little smaller than Grandfather Grey Butt, his over all colouring, and his brown fluffy face...of course I could be quite wrong...

    Happy days

  28. Hi Nancy

    I don't know what can be done for the disease. The old fellow that the wildlife volunteers were taking to hospital was unable to climb and still they captured him with difficulty so I imagine that it would be very tricky to capture an agile creature to attend to.

    Happy days

  29. Nancy PS

    I just read that the disease is anaturally occuring disease in koala populations and culls out the weaker members or causes infertility in the females hence allowing the stronger to breed...I guess it is the principle of survival of the fittest in action.

    Happy days

  30. Hello Michaela,

    whacky-do... you are the 200th blog friend I have made... how wonderful...I hope to see more of you in the future. Thanks for your kind comments...

    Happy days

  31. Yes Sarah

    we have that to be thankful for ,that they have become so endangered that we don't encounter them...
    thanks for the congrats...

    Happy days

  32. Hi Lola

    I'll opt for the walk with you in the National Park, now that would be entertaining....I'd love it...

    Happy days

  33. Hi Tom

    poor Red Eye - imagine being a koala with conjunctivitis...

    Happy days

  34. Thank you Barb

    you know I love to share my neck of the woods with you all...

    Happy days

  35. I am glad you have four of them. We saw a couple of these at a zoo in Kansas City, Missouri. They were not a permanent exhibit but a feature for the summer.

  36. Please keep looking and keep sharing your pictures of the koalas!

    Tracy :)

  37. Hi Larry

    you are lucky to have seen them in the flesh...they are very unusual animals aren't they...

    Happy days

  38. Hi tracy

    I am looking each day on my walks and will keep you all posted of any new can be sure of that...

    no koala this morning but jelly bean sized poop on the path...evidence Sherlock...evidence....

    Happy days


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