Saturday, March 20, 2010

Disappearing Peaks


Last night
I sat down
and enjoyed writing a response
to each of you
because I had so enjoyed
your diverse and interesting comments,
suggestions for becoming centred
and regaining a sense of equanimity

and then I pushed publish
and kazam
the entire screed disappeared
I said something like

 well maybe something like that -
and I gave up

But I wanted you to know
that I found each of your comments
and valuable
and love that so many of us are
on the same page...

So tonight
I have pulled up a post
written in Hanalei, Kauai
that seems pertinent
to the topic of disappearances
and also to gains
to silver linings...


 Disappearing Peaks
and Waterfalls


On these days
in Hanalei


the mountain peaks 
can come and go


in fact
whole mountains
can disappear


later to return
adorned with waterfalls


 that tumble down 
the steep mountainsides
to the valley below
and race to the sea...



  1. I bet we've all suffered the frustration of carefully constructing a long comment/response . . . only to have it disappear. I know that I have, anyway.

    Your previous post was so very interesting, and I have left a comment there, too. I would say that one of my deepest, most abiding beliefs is that "there is always a silver lining," so your photo-essay here is most appropriate.

    We are having just that kind of gray, misty day here in England -- without the mountains, though.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of your comment woes, but aren’t you clever to work them into a poem. I often type my comments in a word doc and copy them to avoid such losses. Your blog is a silver lining to any grey day. Beautiful images!

  3. I have learned to right click & copy my long comments before I hit that publish button, Delwyn. It is frustrating to have our spontaneous replies disappear, then to try and reproduce it... seems to take from the reply's authenticity, in away.
    Your disappearing mountain peaks are lovely!

  4. wonderful pics, i adore mist and water, doesn't get any better!

    gosh too bad about your post, been there done that, instead i slam the computer shut and disappear for another week, to ticked off to make such a pretty new post!

  5. delwyn - what a beautiful series of photographs to begin a day with. i got to thinking about the haiku of issa and went through what i have but nothing quite matched these scenes!!! steven

  6. I hate it when blogger eats my comments. Some days I copy my comment before I push "publish" just to make sure. Other times I forget.

    Hey - balance is fleeting, always always. For instance, day and night are in balance today, but by tomorrow that beautiful moment of harmony will have passed.

    Seeking balance is a beautiful, devotional practice, but as with most things, it's the journey, rather than the destination, that counts.

    I'll be copying this comment before I publish, oh yeah! Happy equinox!

  7. Well, I'd say something like I haven't experienced that (yet) but I don't want to tempt the gods.

    Lovely photos as usual.

  8. Linda and I spent a week in Jasper, a pretty little town in the middle of the Rocky Mountains without once ever seeing the mountains due to the low cloud cover.

    The day we left, of course, the clouds rolled back.

    Life plays with us, I'm sure.

  9. Didn't Donovan sing,

    "First there is a mountain,
    Then there is no mountain,
    Then there is."?

    Those photos, those words: sublime.

    And somehow, Delwyn, your warmth arrives through the ether in ways more mysterious than the internet.

    I love the new look of your blog.

  10. thank you, Delwyn, both for your comments and this series of pictures.
    In and out of the mist, one moment here, the next gone, is that not also what life is?

  11. I've said "darn" and "drat" and maybe even something stronger a few times, too! I've enjoyed your misty photos today - the last of the waterfall, the mist, and the vibrant flowers is spectacular. I guess the lesson is that even if some things seem to "disappear," they may actually still be there, hiding from our conscious sight behind a thin veil.

  12. Hello Bee

    today I began with a resolution to save the long comments and do you know what ...when I thought I pushed Command C it cut it instead...and then when I tried to paste it put an old piece down!!! My clever daughter has told me I possibly pushed Command x and could have undone it with Command Z...oh's aren't as easy as ABC...

    I hope that your grey UK day had a silver lining too...

    Happy days Bee

  13. Hi Sarah, not really a poem, more of a line of thought broken into phrases as I typed, that's the way I usually write my blog...I return where I pause and take a breath! but if it appeared like a poem that's ok, I just wanted you to know that it was not a labour.

    Have you ever found that word plays havoc with blog set outs and content. I used to have lots of trouble importing material until my clever son (anyone who knows more than I do about computers is clever) told me to run it all through the text doc file in order to simplify it and remove all word embedded instructions.
    So I am cautious.

    thank you for that nice thought Sarah

    happy days

  14. Hi Wanda
    I am going to take your advice about copying long pieces from now on...already had one hiccup though and lost it...but have been given some tips by daughter #2...and you are so right, it is hard to duplicate the comment, it sounds stilted the 2nd time around....I usually give up in disgust at my dumminess...

    Happy days dear friend

  15. Hi Blue Moon Jain

    I'm glad you enjoyed the moody mist melting the mountain...

    happy days

  16. Hi Steven
    I often wonder about your library of you have a great always seem to match verse and image so well...

    I have my haiku collection on my list of things to tidy up...I also want to try these mini poem variations Dan is treating us to...I am getting so behind...I don't know how you manage to be so creative on top of working and walking....and biking...and
    cooking...and fathering... oh my!

    How long do you spend replying and reading blogs per day....I often find that it is getting very late into the night ....

    Happy days dear Steven

  17. Hello Reya

    sage advice my friend...and I love your reminder that balance reflects the diurnal moods of the day, there is always a swing...always movement...

    happy days to you

  18. Hi Ellen
    I'll cross my fingers for you...
    Happy days

  19. Hi Barry

    I remember you writing about a little holiday you took which was spent in the misty rain...

    In Kauai it is often like this so I am never disappointed, in fact I rather like the moods of the weather...

    Happy days Barry

  20. Hi Tom

    like fairy land

    Happy days

  21. Hi dan

    I do know that Donovan tune...I'll have it circuiting around inside my head today!

    Thank you Dan, you are always so generous...

    I felt like a little freshness in my blog pages, but have encountered subsequent difficulties with the sizing of side bar pics. It wants to have them BIG like the orchid I pasted today...but I don't want this point I give up and leave things alone before I really stuff something up...

    I played with font colours today and feel more comfortable with these ones. It is funny that of all the bloggers we encounter in our journeys very few have the same layouts...and the choices do reflect our personalities don't you think?

    Happy days Dan

  22. Hi Friko

    you are so pragmatic and clear in your thinking...I love it...

    here today
    gone tomorrow...

    so make hay while the sun shines...

    Is the sun shining yet?

    Happy days Friko

  23. Hello Barb

    I have to admit that my darn drat dang was a little minimized...a little censoring took place there by the moral police...

    In times of great frustration my mother has always said "Damn, bugger, blast..." which has a great ring to it... I have never heard her use coarser expletives...

    I wonder what happened to me...I am uncouth at times...and have a bit of a penchant for using the odd
    word you would not hear in your grandmother's parlour....Under extreme duress of course...

    I like the way that you took today's pictures and misty story and made an analogy out of them...

    I often have a strange feeling, since I've been wearing glasses regularly that somehow I can no longer see everything, that some things are deceptively disappearing, which is of course what they are doing... but I feel this with my glasses on!... like I am being tricked...having the wool pulled over my eyes (I just thought of that - and it is very appropriate.)and all I want is to have my old sight back again....

    ooh I think there is a lot in that little expose...that maybe I should consider on a deeper level...

    thanks for the prompt Barb...
    Happy days

  24. Beautifully mysterious and evocative. Haunting, in fact.


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