Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hanalei Town


 Hanalei Town

Hanalei Town
is a funky town


belonging to the past
and the present

where you can't help unwind
and slip back a notch


 where the roosters
go for a stroll


down to the surf store


funky houses

and mossy rock walls


 where Kauai Green 
in both paint 
and vegetation


and giant puddles grow

where you can be surprised
with what you find
on the grass verge
on the walk home 
from the coffee shop


and be stunned
as you walk 
by the tree
next door

Oh Happy Hanalei Days



  1. Well. You certainly are staying in paradise... funky past and present, with breathtaking beauty around any given corner.

    I was thinking though... New England. Northeastern USA. It's all about the edges of things, where rock collides with ocean or any water, really. Granite-lined streams pooling emerald green. Ancient mountains weathered to roundness, yet profoundly severe to the elements. The people, too. We are known for our edges, but New Englanders will rally round when we're needed... we're just real silent while we do it. Craggy.

    Never mind. For now, I myself, am enjoying glimpses of the exotic and Pacific through the windows of YOUR eyes. thanks for the comments and the response. Jeannette

  2. Stunning!

    I'd hate to be walking along that fence when a car went by and hit that puddle! LOL!

  3. You certainly have a most relaxing atmosphere all around you, Delwyn. Even the trees offer up extra beauty to enjoy! Beautiful flowers!

  4. You have simply gone from one paradise to another!

  5. Lots of lovely surprises from nature in that forlorn little hamlet. I'm waiting for more shots of the surf, sand and topography.

  6. Delwin, you moved, but you still live surrounded by beauty.

  7. Hi Rosaria

    I am on holiday in Kauai, Hawaii, which is a very beautiful place...

    Hi Bonnie
    you want more surf and sand...OK
    just for you...

    Violet, this is just Noosa was 40 years ago...very wild and remote...

    Hi Wanda
    I was so surprised to come across that orchid on the side of the coconut had been hiding from me....

    everyone drives VERY slowly here and is very courteous...I do leap up on to the grass verge and hope that I will not slip in the wet grass and go a over k!

    Hi Jeanette your comment is interesting and made me think about the way the climate can mold the psyche of the peoples of a certain geographical region...the people here are very warm and expressive, not at all reserved...even loudish...maybe that is an expression of the tropical trade winds, seas that rise and fall, dramatic mountains and rushing waterfalls...and of course it may also be tempered by the roosters....

    Happy days my blogging friends

  8. Following your blog is such a treat. We get to go from one lovely part of the Pacific to another. I'm enjoying this vicarious visit with you to Hanalei Town.

    It's making me feel just a little travel-challenged here in my little corner of paradise. I seldom get more than about 50 miles away from home, though I do enjoy getting away when I do.

    Thanks for bringing us along!

  9. delwyn - rich and gentle. the space you're in. i love visiting here. steven

  10. Hi Dan

    well you know how much I like to walk and observe and snap away...this simple activity is a great joy to me...
    and then I also love to post it to I enjoy your company here in the Pacific with me...

    Hi Steven

    you cannot be much other than quiet and restful here in Hanalei...I am fortunate to be able to enjoy this part of the world.

    It is very similar in geography to parts of New Zealand, similar in climate to my home in Qld and the vegetation too is very familiar yet the extra rain and smaller diurnal range of temp mean that everything is very lush and verdant.
    The peak in the middle of this island is one of the wettest places on earth. Hanalei gets a fair share...sometimes I have stayed here for 6 weeks and it has rained every day....Unseasonally, it has been dry for the last few months but over the last week the showers have settled in...which makes good blogging weather...and good coffee breaks after a walk...

    Happy days

  11. I love the little green house with the red roof. I want it to have a little jetty out the front of it to tie my boat up to. I will sit on the verandha in a comfortable chair, drink Heineken beer and watch the sun go down.

  12. Such beautiful things to see Delwyn. Happy days, indeed!

  13. Delwyn
    Never thought much about Hawaii or wantimg to go, but your pictures are making me think twice.

    Lovely just lovely! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    Tracy :)

  14. That orchid is total perfection - what a gift to have been given to you and your camera...

  15. Stunning was the PERFECT word for that surprise. thank you.

  16. It looks pacific -- a place to step back and listen to the whisperings of your heart.

  17. Having had the great good fortune to spend six months on the cliffs above Hanalei, I can certainly agree - it is a remote and beautiful part of Kauai. Lucky you!

    We're heading for Maui next month - can't wait!

  18. brings back memories-- growing up on Kauai, as I have been inside all those little stores, shops, places to eat -- it is a small town before the end of the road.

  19. You are visiting a picture book world with strutting rooster and orchids popping out of trees. It’s a new side of Hawaii for me. Thanks for sharing your delightful holiday. Enjoy!

  20. Hello Sarah
    You have framed it well is like something from a book...

    Hi Donna
    my pictures must be bringing back many memories for you..these funky places have not changes in the nearly 25 years that we have been coming to Hanalei...

    Hi Tracy
    the Hawaii we usually imagine is that of 'Hawaii 50', and Honolulu does resemble that in parts. I still find places in Hnl that are less developed and quiet...But over here on Kauai - which is the least developed island...we are surprised with a very different landscape and lifestyle that replenishes the soul and fills the heart with joy...

    Hi Martin
    Kauai is a relatively unspoiled place where nature reclaims her territory very swiftly through re-vegetation or hurricane...or maybe tsunami...the very high rainfall ensures jungle like growth in many areas...

    Hi Jennifer
    the orchid was hiding on the rear of the coconut trunk and it was not until I walked further along my cul de sac that I spotted it....

    Hi Jinksy and Ellen
    the orchid is a beautiful specimen see them growing outdoors on trees like this is lovely...

    Hi Nancy
    my son and daughter in law are spending this week in Mauai and enjoying it although it is very different to Kauai. I have not been there for 30 years so imagine that it has developed a lot since then.

    Hi Meri
    this place would not suit anyone who needed to be entertained, but for those that love nature and solitude it is wonderful...

    Hi Alden
    I think that little kauai mansion might just fit in your container..I'll have it shipped to Whangarei pronto...It may arrive with a few geckos but they are great for catching mozzies...

    happy days to you all

  21. Those gorgeous pops of color are awesome - I'd like being surprised!

  22. Me too Barb
    I leaned over a stone wall to capture the anthurium in today's post and saw the orchid sitting there dappled with raindrops...just wonderful

    Happy days

  23. Great pictures! I love how the rooster is just walking around like "hey what's up? Oh me? I'm just chillin' "

  24. I like how you focus in on the small things and make them so poignant.


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