Sunday, March 7, 2010



Once a day
I indulge...

after my morning walk
the length of the bay
through soft coral sand
to the river mouth
and fine hard sand
to the pier


I walk to Java Kai
the Hanalei Cafe


where I order my Soy Latte
as my daily indulgence...
What is your treat?



  1. my indulgence would be a 'real' coffee. black.
    but I can only dream of a walk and view such as this with my coffee!

  2. Hi Delwyn
    My indulgence is caramel latte with extra whipped cream--only from Starbucks. :)

    I also dream of having this latte while looking out over the beach and hearing the waves in deep thought.

    Maybe oneday.....

  3. My indulgence, Delwyn is Hazelnut Coffee at dawn and a Hazelnut Latte in the early afternoon, whilw wishing it were warm enough here to sit outside!

  4. Bowls of berries! Raspberries, especially.

    I remember that bay walk well - the tradewinds in the stands of casuarina trees, mist from the waves that break so far out, coarse golden sand made of crushed shells and coral, random waterfalls on green mountainsides and an occasional rainbow seemingly close enough to touch - paradise!

  5. this year my indulgence has been a nice dose of fruit! some days dried fruit but mostly fresh! a piece of something everyday!

    BTW, are you still in Hawaii?! If so, try to check out a young slack key guitarist called Makana! I think he plays live gigs frequently but if he is not playing somewhere near you, please try to check out his music on CD!

  6. My indulgence is a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake all to myself (often share it with hubby) and a latte with only one expresso shot.

  7. I take Lindsay for a run along the top of the bluffs in the morning and then stop to pick up Tim Horton coffees to bring back for Linda and I.

    But none for Lindsay. She has enough energy. The thought of her on coffee would be frightening.

  8. Delwyn, sometimes my life feels chock full of indulgences. Several come immediately to mind:

    Tea, not coffee, aged Pu'erh tea from China. Such an indulgent luxury to enjoy tea from across the Pacific! (I only wish it had come across more greenly, on a tea clipper ship!)

    Also, a glass of local red wine with dinner, over candlelight with DW.

    Organic veggies, grown by my friend, Farmer Scott two miles from here.

    Morning meditation.

    Playing my flute.

    Singing and playing guitar with 31 five year old kids and a half dozen of their parents every day at work.

    A walk into town.

    Writing poetry.

  9. My indulgence is a pound of freshly ground Starbucks Espresso beans each week. I have it every morning. Blessings!

  10. I'm a soy latte person too, Delwyn! Or if I'm feeling really indulgent, a soy mocha.

    I love seeing where you are, and your little routine.

  11. Barry- hello to you...
    I love your sense of humour!
    Does Lindsay have a touch of ADHD??? I know that's how I feel some days after a double shot or even triple shot latte, which is what I tend to have here as the coffee at home seems to be much stronger...a more European styled fact all of the new Starbucks had to shut up shop in AU...Australians like their coffees with a bite...and found the starbucks too insipid...which is a shame because they do have a pleasant ambience...

    Hello Dan
    sounds like your life is full of indulgences...I have to say I feel that way too ...
    I am a great tea drinker - for the remainder of the day...I love Japanese green tea and my favourite Earl Grey...I can't not have for breakfast.

    In the evening I often have a glass of NZ sav blanc or on hot nights a corona with lime straight from the bottle - am I uncouth - probably...but boy it is good after a hot day...

    Hi Marion
    It is nice to treat ourselves to something extra each week. I have a little flower indulgence at home and buy fresh tropical flowers from the farmers' markets...I see them as my reward for another week...

    Happy days to all my blog friends...
    I appreciate your comments, and love the connections that we have forged. Mahalo

  12. Hello Polly

    oh we just must be soul sisters lattes sisters at least....

    It's 8.30 am and I am about to leave for my walk...see you at Java Kai...

    Happy days

  13. Work has been crazy lately and I end up working through lunch many times. There is a grocery store about 1/2 mile from my office building. Our office is by a lake, so you can walk along side the lake as you walk to the grocery store. The store always has some coffee for sampling.

    So, my daily indulgence is to find the time - the 30 minutes - at lunch time to walk to the grocery store and stroll around the store with a small cup of coffee and buy some vegetables for that night's dinner.

  14. Oh that latte looks SO good! My indulgence is dark chocolate. My morning cup of coffee is (in my mind at least) a necessity!

  15. Hi Reya

    Oh yes I coffee is both an indulgence and a necessity... Mmmmm dark chocolate....choc macadamias are pretty good too...

    Happy days

  16. Hello Pink Dogwood

    I hope that you can make the time to take your walk and obtain your it a cold walk...
    It's great to see you again..

    Happy days

  17. I think that I am developing an indulgence in blueberries and raspberries for breakfast OUT OF SEASON. There is something wrong in this, I know--it is so far from local-- but it makes life seem magic or something. My best friend stays over a few nights a week because her job commute is so long. We have our hazelnut coffee and the fruit, sometimes with kiwi. Colors, flavors, and the sinfulness of knowing we CAN have this. It used to be chocolate, but now? I love having these deeply colored fruits, so expensive, at this time of year, from faraway places I will never see. Served in Japanese, shallow bowls.

    Yup. My friend, fruit, coffee. Life is good.

  18. Hello Jeanette

    Oh yes I have to agree...I love berries too and find the colours so pretty that I often have to photograph them...fortunately they grow most of the year either in our area or further south where it is cooler.
    The kiwifruit makes a wonderful contrast in colour and with it's astringent flavour...
    I like your indulgence Jeanette...

    Happy days

  19. I love this post and comments! I wish I could join you on that walk to the café. My daily indulgence on my writing days is a single chocolate ball purchased from our local handmade candy store. The wrapping is the globe.

  20. Hi Sarah
    that sounds you have no caffeine addiction then? or is that a necessity as someone above said?

    Happy days

  21. Hawaii? Gorgeous.

    A real coffee ... I have not long discovered ..indulgence!

  22. Hi Sarah
    does that mean you have just been initiated into the world of real coffee?

    Happy days


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