Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wild Friends


Wild Friends


come in floral varieties


this one is a prickly cactus
with a beautiful flower


that starts out
green and curled


and then later
collects the rain drops


feral cats 
once seemed to outnumber
the human population
in Hanalei


but this friend
with one fawn leg
one black leg
was domesticated
and in need of company


and this cocky fellow
had no fear of me
and walked up to my feet


the grass surrounding 
the local coffee shops 
and eateries
is frequented by many 
friendly families of cardinals

 This photo taken by Pastor Goode

and the occasional
very proud rooster

Fine wild friends 
in Hanalei



  1. I love the wild friends of Hanalei. I've been enjoying your posts of Kauai so much Delwyn. I am feeling as if i were there.
    Enjoy your soy latte, I would like to have a chai one with you.

  2. Delwyn,
    I start many a day with Carl's Artistic Balance... and end many a day with a walk in Australia. I do love your eye and your writing. Thanks for visiting my blog. Been thinking of my summers at a lake in New Hampshire lately... and your previous entry tapped into that even more. Where do you find the time to create such beauty for us day after day? Enjoy your day as I go to SLEEP shortly!

  3. What handsome creatures! I want to marry that cat.

  4. Polly

    maybe when your grown up...

    Happy days

  5. Lori

    I would love to have a latte with you..I am glad you are enjoying the wildness and the wilderness of Kauai.

    Happy days

  6. Hi Jeanette and thanks for your lovely comments however...
    I will come over your way and explain...

    Happy days

  7. I love the cat, how did you manage to keep it still while you painted and dyed it in such lovely patterns?? :-)

  8. Your wild friends are very unique, Delwyn. I really liked the cat, with legs of 3 colors, makes me wonder about the fourth.

    Wild friends or tame ones, I'm sincerely thankful to be counted among them! Thank you, Delwyn!

  9. The collected rain on the flower is precious!

  10. The colors on that rooster are really something.

  11. That Tortie kitty is very pretty. The colors of your creatures are fabulous.


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