Friday, March 12, 2010

Collage Creations


 Collage Creations

1. The Original


I had some idle minutes
so made a quick collage
tearing pictures from
a tourist magazine

2. Sepia

and then I thought
I would experiment
with the simple effects
in my new mac notebook's
iphoto program

3.  The Lovers

I made simple crops 
of the lovers from South Pacific

4. Vintage colours with border

gave them an antique hue
and an oval border

5. Hawaiian Women

then I looked at the beautiful
Hawaiian girls

6. Hawaiian women with Oval border

and gave them a soft dark border

7. Bookmark

I tried a bookmark
for you Elcmae

8. Postcard in oval frame

and a blurred effect
as a postcard

9. Sands

I used the view finder technique
to find new segments

10. Postcard bold

and had a a lot of fun
and was surprised 
at how a collage can change
with cutting
and colouring

My favourite is # 6

which I have just changed...

can you tell?

Which is your favourite?



  1. Awesome! I like them all, but 3 is my favorite.

    My friend, Jewls, does digital collage. Some of them have up to thirty different layers. If you're interested, she just got her website up and running:

  2. The original has to be my favourite because of the inherant potential for all the others to be created. You obviously had a lot of fun!

  3. I like the original which would look great if it was printed onto a large beach towel - love the colours.

  4. I was a little distracted by "I had some idle minutes
    so made a quick collage
    tearing pictures..."

    But, I am always thrilled to see your collages. I think I like the way you changed #6 best, but it is a tough call. Normally I like vintage colours - though I imagine that the Hawaiian colours would never be that muted!

  5. Great composition Delwyn. I liked #4 for its vintage feel, yet #10's bold colours seemed true to the tropics.

    The croppings stand alone so well. Lovely work.

  6. Removing the barefoot girl did inhance the 'painting-like' quality of the also makes me think of a very smooth stone...would make a beautiful paper weight! ♥...Wanda

  7. My fav is #5, the women with the turtle and no border. I really like the turtle image.

  8. I agree, number 6 for sure.

    Now I wish I had iphoto.


  9. My choice is Hawaian Women no border. I love the wave in it. Boy, give you a little free time and look what you come up with!

  10. I like them all but the bookmark one catches my eye. I thing the vertical format really enhances the process. You did well on all of them.

  11. I almost said the bookmark too. It's not my favorite, but it would definitely be my favorite bookmark, if I owned it.

  12. I really like them all. Now I want to play with my MacBook I-Photo! The last one is really pretty. It reminds me of Hanalei.

  13. colorful, and filled with images that will resonate with memories later.

  14. Hello friends

    I wrote you all a reply and it disappeared...dang

    so happy days again

  15. Delwyn
    I love #7--I collect bookmarkers.
    Do you sell your art? If so will you please e-mail me and let me know?


    Tract :)

  16. I like 8, Delwyn. I also just got a Mac after 30 years using a PC. Am going to take some classes. Keep inspiring me!

  17. Hi Barb

    that's a great idea. I am just experimenting but having a techno son give me a few starters made a difference. Today he bought a windows platform programme and an office program that will run inside mac and you can use all your old files from Windows and also use photoshop. He found them very cheaply at costco of all places!

    I just love my new macbook. It is so sleek and incredibly fast on wifi. The iphoto is a basic programm like Picassa. You need photoshop if you want to get clever and apply layers etc....

    Happy days

  18. Delwyn - I like #5 & #7. I love to make bookmarks. This gives me such a wonderful reference. THANK YOU. I am teaching collage - exploratory art for a month, and this is just perfect to remind me and the children how something can change and grow! Always, I thank you.


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