Wednesday, March 17, 2010



I have returned
to the land down under
 after a long long day
of travelling
 it is nice to be home...

Thank you for your comments
to 'Vibrancy'

 my friend Val in Honolulu
tracked down
the yellow pom pom flower tree
it is a Cortez Amarillo,
also known as Ipe
a prized hardwood,
thanks Val...


in the tropics


Living in the subtropics
means lush tropical vegetation -
when it rains



It also means 
large hungry critters
like this grasshopper

who does this

to my Raphis Palms


and looks rather angry
when I get up close


 he has a friend
or two
or more


somewhat sun-bleached
in appearance -
like the local surfers


and who thinks the whole
photography lark
is just a little tedious...



  1. Hi Delwyn: I think the pale ones missed out on a feed of your green, green plant!

    Glad to hear you arrived home safely. Is it a little cooler there now?

    We seem to have jumped into Spring a month early here - which is delightful - but hovering under our delight is the ominous knowing of global warming.

  2. I don't guess anything washed out of your garden with the heavy rains, while you were away. Your grasshopper damage is similar to the damage the deer do to my Yucca plants every winter! I'm going out now to trim the shredded plant!

  3. Love the new look here! Curious animals, indeed.

  4. sweet rebuild of the blogpage delwyn!! i laughed at the yawning critter!!! he's faking boredom though 'cause he knows he lucked out to get his face on your blog!!!! steven

  5. Glad you are home safe and the 4th one from the bottom with its eyes looking straight at you is actually quite hilarious... looks like its straight out of a disney movie :)

  6. Delwyn
    Glad you made it home safe and sound. I love the green critter--pretty color.

    Tracy :)

  7. Now, I thought the bleached critter was doing a little cheerleader welcome home dance... but, then, I read far too many anthropomorphic children's picture books... still do!

    I won't say I missed you, because, As you know, I followed your blog. Thank you for your comments. And as always, thank you for your virtual world walks with us, that feel so very real. Enjoy being home.

  8. Glad to know you are back home safe!! These critters look very large, much larger than the ones we have. Do they eat lots of leaves? I have never seen the sun-bleached ones! So curious!

  9. The green guys look like four-armed symphony conductors from a ways away. Do conductors have mean faces at times?

  10. I love the yawning grasshopper.

  11. Welcome home Delwyn, your green critter is in keeping with St. Patrick's Day our National Holiday.

  12. Hello Bonnie

    I wonder why he is pale...a little research is required I think...

    It has rained continuously here so the gardens are lush and green and yes it is considerably cooler...around 25,26 and I needed a blanket to sleep....
    I am going to take a good walk around the gardens this check on all my friends!

    Happy days

  13. Hi Wanda

    The gardener for the apartments made a rock channel to take the rain water that was overflowing from the runs across the garden and down the rockery and is quite a nice addition to the garden...I have not yet had a close inspection but everything looks fine. Yesterday was a day of laundry, groceries and cleaning up...a turkey came into the apartment one day when the builder was checking for leaks.... fortunately the builders cleaned the mess.
    The raphis has recovered since the grasshoppers munch fest....perhaps they don't like too much rain...

    Happy days

  14. Rosaria - thankyou, it was time for a fresh look.

    Hi Steven,
    thanks for the stamp of approval...I am just about to go out and see if the 'star' is still munching....

    Hi Vicky
    That's why I thought he looked rather me the evil can see that the disney animators do a lot of observation before they draw can't you...

    Hello Tracy
    great to see you - are you blogging these days tracy?

    Hi Jeanette
    I am guilty of that same sin of attributing human characteristics to critters an animals, but it's fun and imaginative...
    Thank you for your generous comments and loyal following...

    Hi sapphire
    Yes they are big 4-5 inches long...and they do munch away steadily...they can decimate plants that they are particularly fond of.
    I see my herb pots are empty...I don't know if it was the rains or the critters...we have had so much rain here - the entire year's worth in a couple of weeks.

    Hi Meri
    as I looked at the photos I tried to think of who they were impersonating and yes you have it...conductors...very intense ones!

    Hi Martin

    yes he has to be my favourite too.

    Happy days all

  15. well there you go Ann - just for you...
    I did notice as I drove through our town centre yesterday that Irish Murphy's Bar was decorated up a tad...

    I hope it was a festive day for you Ann

    happy green days

  16. Those grasshoppers are enjoying a feast at your plants' expense! The green is so vivid.

  17. it's not easy being green. Other than their vibrant hue, they are ugly little suckers! (chewers, really)

  18. Hi Barb
    I hope that all the rain has driven them away...

    Happy days

    Hi Tom

    You put it very well..Doesn't he look angry?

    Happy days


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