Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lolly Pink

The beauty of sunsets
is that they are invariably different

even when viewed 
from the same vantage points

on the same pathway...
they are always able 
to halt you in your tracks

and take your breath away
Tonight's sunset glowed golden red 
through the eucalyptus trees
as it stretched out 
over the ocean towards me

and then at a certain point

on its steady slipping

behind the hills

it turned a bright pink

a lolly pink sunset

wondrous oblivion


  1. Perfect from beginning to end! I had a colorful sunrise this morning, Delwyn!

  2. Beautiful photos Delwyn. It is so good to see you back. I've missed your posts over the last year. Take care Elcmae.

  3. Thanks Elcmae. It's nice to hear from you too...

  4. I do so love to see the structure of trees. My late sister and I used to go for "tree drives." We would simply take off, have breakfast out, and drive in search of special trees, usually after the leaves dropped. So I just love the silhouettes you captured, Delwyn.

  5. I love the description, 'lolly pink'. Perfect.

  6. wondrous oblivion! delwyn that is superb! steven

  7. I have always had a special place in my heart for sunsets!

  8. Hello Delwyn

    So peaceful from beginning to end.

    Tracy :)

  9. i can never have enough of sunsets and sunrises. lovely captures here.

  10. Wondrous sunset - and that pink sun! I really love the perspective - how you changed focus to tell your story.

  11. Serenity indeed! I feel like that I've been watching the sun setting with you, Delwyn. What a lovely way to end the day by relaxing ourselves and feeling in awe. I love that glowing path across the water.

  12. The sun looks like a bouncing ball!!! I love it.

    Ps....My face photo has been posted since I came back from Tokyo. Please scroll way down on my side bar to find me. It is smiling!


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