Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The day was hot and glorious
so clear and calm

the ocean was turquoise and teal
so so still
and there were whales

firstly a family of frolickers

rolling and flapping

the sound of each slap 

reaching me on the coastal path

a few small boats were right out 

in the sweep of the whales' trajectory

as they moved across the bay

taking their calves down the coast
back to cooler waters of Antarctica

I sat in the shade of a casaurina tree
above the clear transparent waters
and idled away time

the flipper slappers

then became tail flashers

it is hard to tell how many there are
in this family group
and who is who
there was no breaching unfortunately
but a day of frolicking

down in Hell's Gates
the water was glass
and a couple of divers
made the most of the clear waters

Oh Happy Days...


  1. A sight to behold, Delwyn. How tiny the boat appears, next to these creatures.

  2. Hi Martin
    the boats do add a sense of proportion. The whales came so close to those boats. It must be amazing in their company up close.

  3. Hi there - Whales are such a great thing to see. We saw some recently on a trip to Magnetic Island. We were not on a tour and we just found them - or they found us! Made it seem really special.

    If you have any time (or interest!) you can read about our whale trip in a post called "The Kingfisher Theory: Part 3" on my "other blog" - the link to that is on the blog you already know about!

  4. delwyn, such beauty!!! i've never seen a free whale myself. i think i'd like to see them from a cliff or a hillside and not follow or chase them in a boat. steven

  5. The boat comparison photos were wonderful captures, Delwyn. I also 'felt' the shot of looking down into the glassy waters of Hell's Gates.

  6. The colour of the water and the gentle play of whales and I hope a little breeze to make the casuarina sing . . . a perfect day.

  7. So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this :) Not a bad way to spend the day :)

  8. Such beautiful clear waters! No wonder the whales come there to play. Thank you so much for sharing these great photos Delwyn.

  9. I used to enjoy whale watching when I lived along the coast in California, especially when they were bringing their calves back with them. Beautiful shots, lovely water.


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