Monday, October 3, 2011

A Hazy Day

A Hazy day

is a good omen

for the sunset capturing enthusiast

who wanders in the national park
at dusk

stopping frequently
to admire the fireball

of light

until the day quickly disappears

and the twinkles of the town beckon


  1. delwyn - is that a pyramid or just a hill with geometric aspirations?! the sun looks so warm and almost summery in these images. steven

  2. It was a very balmy day about 27C (86) at 6pm still. The Pyramid is a Mountain in the hinterland, Mt Cooroy.

  3. Picturesque sunsets. Many romance. Very nice. / Peter

  4. I like how in some photos the sunset almost mimics the shape of the mountain as it goes down.

  5. Absolutely amazing. Each new day brings such beautiful gifts. Thanks for sharing!! xo

  6. Such a beautiful sunset. So lovely and romantic!

  7. I'm just sighing here in CO, Delwyn. My favorite is the sunset reflected on the wet sand. Those evening walks are paying off!

  8. Lovely sequence of shots, Delwyn.

  9. You have such a way of telling a story with simple words and beautiful photos, that I sigh every time I come here.


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