Monday, October 10, 2011

Goannas on the Go

When climbing Noosa Hill to Sunshine Beach
we first pass through the park picnic area

where it is not uncommon to meet a goanna
This one, an inquisitive fellow
cruising under the picnic table

heading for a group of munching visitors

tinted a light yellowish green in parts
on his young body

just a small to medium sized specimen

not at all like the enormous fellow 
that crept out from under my bed one time

At the top of the hill I look down
over north facing Laguna Bay

round the bend and face south 
to see the village of Sunshine Beach

which is a suburb of Noosa Heads
and further the next small towns 

strung along the coast
Coming down the hill we meet another goanna

on the path who scurries into the undergrowth
and pretends not to be there

He is a bigger fellow
older and greyer

A wild tropical storm yesterday
whipped the leaves from the trees
and carpeted the path in patches
creating a soft cushioned walk 
with silent footfalls

which may have been why we spotted 
the Splendid Blue Wrens
a group of three tiny wrens
flitted and preened in jerky movements
making it impossible to capture a good shot

On our return
after a shared roast turkey, cranberry sauce, rocket and tomato sambo
with carrot, celery apple and ginger juice
we hear a thump

and spot something between the trees
a small red necked wallaby

we've seen him once before in the same spot
amazed that wallabies live in this park
so close to towns

we've never seen another in the National Park
in over 34 years

Australian Wild Iris ~ Dietes Irioides

It has been a good Sunday wildlife walk
and the rain yesterday has overnight
turned the forest green

Oh Happy walking days...


  1. Enjoyed seeing Amanda's Sunshine Beach in relation to your Noosa Hill, Delwyn. The small wallaby is very cute!

  2. What a wild place! Weren’t you scared to see the goanna and the bigger one, Delwyn? I'll be but I've found it has gentle, wise eyes. Wallaby is so cute. Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos special to Australia.

  3. I would have been scared, particularly of the lizard. Great series.

  4. Incredible photos and so well presented! Wow! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with OWT ~ ^_^

  5. Wow - love those goanna shots! Such handsome fellows - and that wallaby is adorable... Thanks for this lovely glimpse into the park.

  6. That is a huge goanna. They're beautiful.


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