Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tiny Flowers Big Views

Most of the spring wildflowers 

in the park are spent

but the odd little flower remains

on the verges of the walking track

tiny splashes of colour

humble and simple

to complement the broad views 

and create the big picture


  1. that second purple flower is gorgeous. I really should pay more attention to the wildflowers when I am out walking. sadly, they seem to get so often overlooked.

  2. Beautiful!

    Hope you have a great week end.

    Tracy :)

  3. It's nice and interesting to see the different kind of flowers you have in your place. I like the tiny yellow and blue wild flowers and the tender blue color of the sea.

    New header is nice! I feel like I'm hearing chirping of insects in the grass in the hushed world. I imagined a scene of autumn, though it is spring in your world.


  4. The backwash from those breaking waves is a poem in itself...♥

  5. Hi Yoko

    the little yellow flower is none other than the humble dandelion weed...

    the park has been devoid of wildlife, to my eyes anyway, where are all the koalas I wonder...but I have seen the whales albeit from a distance...I hear a few birds when I go deeper into the tanglewood which is very quiet with few walkers...but it's a secret I walk in there alone...I should be with a companion for safety or in case of breaking another ankle...
    Maybe today when I walk through to Sunshine Beach with Beloved we will see something interesting...

  6. Whoops... my first post didn't "post". I especially like the last photo of the pink and tangerine colored flowers amongst the green leaves and gray rocks. They look like succulents, are they? The view of the ocean is spectacular & rivals the photos you post of the views in Kauai.

  7. Cheryl

    your comment was posted onto Mailaway! how odd...
    That flower is actually a very ordinary succulent we call Pigface, Carpobrotus is the scientific name.

  8. The ruffly purple flowers are amazing -- I'd love to find some on the margins of my walking trails.


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