Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Walking as the day
slips into sunset and dusk

the world changes colour
the trees and grasses
even the rocks glow 

the air is still and
everything is blanketed 

with a calm quiet
even when the forest tunes up
with the song of cicadas

on the beach
of a little cove
I see a figure

someone's totem
let me flip him over

soft evening falls

bringing with it
a gentleness
and ease

Oh Blessed day


  1. Hello Delwyn,
    Thanks a lot for visiting.

    I love sunset and dusk when everything looks so different and glows in decent gold. This short moment is magical to me. The last two photos are my ideal dusk!
    Your photos and words remind me of Japanese shortest poem “Haiku”. And I feel the essence of Japanese culture in your photos.

    The danger from the deer’s horns exists for only deer’s mating season.
    I climbed up Mt. Wakakusa, about 350 meters high hill. From the top, we can enjoy entire Nara City. Especially at sunset or dusk, the scenery becomes more profound and peaceful.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Delwyn, I've only just noticed that you are back in blogland! I have now just enjoyed catching up on your recent posts.. the whales, the ocean, the sunsets and the beautiful fauna and flora found on your walks. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. a wish to be reclaimed by the sea? steven

  4. Steven...and he was. Tonight when I walked the coastal path he had been washed away...

  5. I love twilight (or the gloaming) when the veil between the world's is the thinnest. It's purely magical. Awesome photos, Delwyn!! xo


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