Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Walk

Sunday walk
to Sunshine Beach
for lunch

is a ritual 
that has been established 
this year

Up the hill
down the slope

through the eucalypts 
and the banksias
and the wallum

A Small Frill Neck Lizard poses for me

back through the wallum 
to the tanglewood
and the rain-forest

It was hot today
we were all hungry
and on the move

Now back to collect our car
at the edge of the rain-forest

What's over here at the rock wall?

It looks small 
but these are large boulders

The carpet snake or Morelia Spilota

a native of the rainforests of Queensland
which is my state

is a python who is non-venomous
and can grow 2-4m

This one I estimated to be 2m long
Carpet snakes can live 20-30 years

He has attractive black 
and yellow/brown markings
and a gorgeous iridescent pearl eye

A great Sunday walk...


  1. Beautiful pictures, as always, Delwyn. Thanks.

  2. Yes, indeed. A great Sunday walk... for all of us. Thank you.

  3. Well, I'd be checking my footsteps pretty carefully if I thought maybe I'd encounter a snake - even a non-venomous one. What an eye, though!

  4. I uncovered a little garden snake pulling out grass yesterday. I carefully moved it to another location.

    Thanks for sharing your walk.

  5. Hello delwyn

    Lovely walk! Thank you for sharing with your readers.

    Have a great day.

    Tracy :)

  6. You have such interesting reptiles sharing your world. When I am privileged to encounter a snake, I am always grateful for the meeting. Thanks for sharing your pearl eyed python.

  7. Your walks are always full of such adventure.

  8. I am following your blog now, but the picture in the friends connect is my old picture. I couldn't upload my new photo, so I wanted you to know that it is me.

  9. Anne
    that's great, thanks

    Hi Tracy and Ellen...

  10. Glad to read your blog again.
    I was surprised to know that you encountered those cute reptiles! They seemed to enjoy the warm weather too. The sake has beautiful eyes like crystal!
    Thank you for your heartwarming comment.
    I am graudually getting back my routine works.
    Have a great day,Delwyn.


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