Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tom Kristensen ~ Ukiyo-e



Tom Kristensen 1962-
is an Australian

Conjurong Beach

a landscape designer by profession,
who is also a Sosaku Hanga artist


an avid collector
of Japanese art prints
and inspired
by the prints of Paul Binnie
he decided to teach himself
wood block printing

Dunes and Fence

and learned most of what he knows
from the internet!

Grass and Banksia

Like other Sosaku Hanga artists
he carves and prints his own work


Kristensen's images
are based on digital photography
which he has computer manipulated


Whist his images may begin
in the age of technology
he uses traditional Japanese tools,
mulberry washi and mineral pigments

Post and Rail

most of these prints
are from a series titled:
Thirty six views of Green Island

Rock Platform

Although Kristensen has had
no formal training in art
and held no exhibitions


his work is greatly admired
and sought after
by lovers of Ukiyo-e



  1. And I can see why! These are the most beautiful prints. Each image is so evocative. What a testimony to the fertility of the internet to see art from an artist who learned so much over the internet. It's most encouraging.....

    Thank you for yet another teaching about something of which I was entirely unaware.

  2. As you know, I love manipulating digital images on the the computer. Tom Kristensen's work is inspiring and demonstrates how the modern and traditional can be combined imaginatively to produce interesting art.

    I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.

  3. I like the dreamy effect of the prints, they are very beautiful. Thanks for the introduction to Tom Kristensen!

  4. Seems like a very involved process done by a very talented artist!

  5. Beautiful artwork which combines digital effects with traditional eastern methods.

  6. My what beautiful work. Thank you for sharing this Delwyn. The word that comes to me to describe how I felt viewing the art, is 'intimate'. Not sure why.

    Love the moonlight piece and the flip flop - but they are all lovely.

  7. I'm in love! My two favorites are Grass and Banksia and Moonlight. I just love the color schemes!

  8. These are so beautiful and soothing, I'm so impressed by self taught artists. thank you for sharing Delwyn.

  9. Hello

    All of the artworks are so fascinating, Delwyn! My favorites are "Grass and Banksia" and "Rock Platform"!! I didn't know about Tom Kristensen and his wood-block prints. Thank you so much for introducing his works to us!! I love his soft colors!

  10. Hi Delwyn, you never cease to introduce me to something new. I always wonder how it is that someone without training decides they can and than does brilliant work. I just loved that first one with the feet coming in for a landing!

  11. Thank you all for taking the time to have a chat...

    I am looking at the prints to make a selection for my new house which has a long bare living room wall.

    Happy days


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