Monday, April 12, 2010

Aurora Australis

The Great Southern Lights

The Aurora Australia
or Southern Lights 
occur over the South Pole
and have been visible from Mt Tekapo
in South Canterbury
New Zealand this week

The lights result 
from electrically charged 
particles from the sun
colliding with gases 
in the earth's upper atmosphere

The light show can be observed 
from high southern latitudes
Australia and New Zealand

Aurora = the Roman Godess of Dawn
Australis = is Latin for of the South

For a time lapse wonder light show
of the Aurora Australis
taken at Scott Base 
and McMurdo Station 
in Antarctica look here...



  1. Lovely, Delwyn. I've seen the Aurora Borealis in British Columbia, Canada, but never the Aurora Australis you show us here. I guess it's the same phenomenon, just at in the polar opposite place on our wonderful, magical earth. I liked the video from McMurdo Station.

  2. Hi Dan

    I enjoyed picking up some news snippets from NZ while waiting for my plane...and had pleasure perusing the videos available online

    Happy days

  3. Oh those colors are so vivid and pretty. I really hope to see these in person one day!

  4. What a magical, beautiful phenomenon! I've never seen an aurora. I'd love to see it at least once in this life time! I envy you! And Southern Lights sound very romantic! Do you see them only in spring?

  5. Hi Sapphire

    Unfortunately I was not in those high parts of NZ that can view the southern lights. But like you I would like to see a phenomena like this.

    I read that they are visible at different times of the year depending on atmospheric conditions.

    Hi Amy
    me too but ti then there are lots of great utube videos for us to watch...

    Happy days

  6. Hello all...

    Sapphire's question prompted me to look further...

    It seems that the aurora is more prevalent at the peak of the sun's 11 year suncycle and also when there are geomagnetic storms which seem to occur more often at the equinoxes, scientists don't know why...

    thanks for the question Sapphire..

    Happy days

  7. Hello Delwyn


    I only thought these lights could be seen in Alaska(Northern Lights).Once again Delwyn, you have opened my eyes to new and wonderful things.

    Have a great week!

    Tracy :)

    PS My surgery has been moved to 19 April. :)

  8. oh how beautiful! i have always wanted to see the northern lights - somewhere, somehow; but never even new about the southern ones! is there a particular time of year when you see them more?
    thanks for adding another wish to my list :-)

  9. Breath-taking Delwyn ... like a cathedral provided by the Universe.

  10. Very beautiful, Delwyn...the movement of the lights brought to mind swirling dancing skirts. Happy Skies!


  11. delwyn - wow!! the video is astonishing. i have seen the aurora borealis four times in my life but not what you saw - maybe one day. have a lovely evening. steven

  12. Amazing, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pictures xJ

  13. Truly an amazing phenomenon! I too have witnessed the Northern lights, but the Southern lights are equally beautiful! I have to go check out the video next. Thanks for sharing... its fascinating!

  14. Goodness gracious me, that is spectacular, I have never seen anything like it, what an amazing phenomenon.

  15. I've never seen this phenomena. So ghostly and surreal...I'm glad you could show us the photos!

  16. beautiful, i'll have to go see the video now. it was so nice of you to share with us Delwyn.

  17. Wow, I knew there were Northern lights, but this is the first time I have seen Sourthern lights!

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