Friday, April 16, 2010

The Little Things


When I leave for my walk
I am never sure of what I will see
It is always a little exciting
like unwrapping a present

Today my walk was full
of little things
the teensy wee flowers
no bigger than your pencil rubber

the simple
and the common place

 the miniature
hidden in the grasses

and the weeds

the bright

and the waxy beautiful

and then I found this leaf
for my dear friend Wanda

and noticed the vine of hearts
which made me think
of all my warm hearted blogging friends
entwined as we are
hearts on a vine

a fellow walker
was looking behind me
and so I turned
do you see

lets stand here
a minute or two
and watch

I wanted to call to him
a thank you
but he was gone

Frog song began early today
and I realise
that I have been on this track
for over an hour and a half already

The great God Ra
likes to slip away early these days
at 5.30pm he is dropping
below the hinterland ranges
bidding the day farewell

And his golden chariot
begins it's journey
northwards across the ocean

He has eight hours to sail the skies
and arrive in time
to wake Cloudia at 5.30am
in Hawaii at breakfast
then on he goes to Dan, Meri Rosaria and Reya
Steven Barry Bonnie and Wanda
and finally crossing the
great stretch of land
saluting you all in between
and then he nods his head
to Jennifer
on the far eastern shore
and with him he brings the day
I have just enjoyed

Meanwhile I shall bid you adieu
pick up my step
and skedaddle home
to make dinner
and savour the last few hours
of my day



  1. These photos make me gasp - the sights you saw both teensy and vast are all awesome. We are all linked, Delwyn - I think of Wanda when I see a heart, too.

  2. Like Barb, I'm almost breathless. The beauty of your photos amazes me. I'm thinking you see it a little more keenly in your effort to share the wonders you see with your friends around the world.

    I loved how you started us off small... a pencil's eraser and left us circling our Earth like Santa Claus.

    A most enjoyable journey. Thank you, my blog friend. I feel so grateful for your gifts and giftedness.

  3. Hi Barb

    the vine was a lovely green reminder of the friendships I have made through blogging and the warmth and sincerity I have encountered along the way...

    not to mention that we seem to gravitate towards like minded souls with a similar appreciation for life and so we are like the hearts on the vine, connected by our interests, by our friendships and by providence.

    Happy days Barb

  4. Hi Dan

    what you say is true in a way. In the past I would slow and oohhhh and aaahhh at the beauty, mention it to whoever I was with maybe ...but now because I ALWAYS have my camera strapped around my neck, I stop and give the wonders that confront me more of my time and appreciation...and I am rewarded more fully too, I see more, I feel more, I find more....

    It amazes me how many times when I bend over to look at a flower or insect closely that I see something else quite different.

    And of course I always have my blogging friends in mind when I see things with my Aussie eyes in the Aussie landscape that may be of interest to people outside the country.

    I was explaining to Jim last night where my thoughts go on these walks, he indulged me as I explained the journey of Ra, how I had you all in mind as I returned into the fading skies, and we discussed the time differences to verify my story line.

    I love the walks firstly for the meditative exercise, secondly to see what I make find
    and thirdly for where it takes my head and heart...

    Thanks for your appreciative comments Dan

    happy days

  5. Isn't it amazing to think, so many are blind to the true beauty of that which is timeless. So strong is the glare of the short-lived and pointless.

  6. I think if I published a book with the title "Alden's Garden - Getting To The Heart Of The Matter" I would use the photo of the single bright green leaf on the cover of my book. - I like that photo a lot.
    Of course there would be nothing but blank pages inside as I know absolutely nothing about gardening :-)

  7. ...... but the book would have an very nice cover.

  8. Oh What a gorgeous sunset and a beautiful rainbow! And what wonderful little things hidden in the grasses! You are always so observant! I love the beauty of miniature wild plants too! Thank you for this lovely post, Delwyn! I very much enjoyed walking with you!

  9. Oh my goodness! That you live in such a beautiful and wonder-filled place is beyond my imagination! How very fortunate you are. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Thank you for this joy.

  10. Delwyn: I enjoy the respect and reverence you bring to each encounter, as much as I enjoy the photo journal you share with us.

    How sweet of you to include us in this journey - as you bid adieu to Ra - knowing he would soon be visiting our corner of the world.

    The meditative quality you bring to your walk also comes through your post and I cannot imagine how anyone could leave feeling anything but peaceful.

    Thank you dearest Delwyn.

  11. Delwyn,

    You are a most talented beautiful soul and what a glorious day you have shared. Your photos and words left me feeling blessed this morning, just after dawn. The photos alone are so moving, like gifts from God.
    Thank you, Delwyn!


  12. delwyn tatton! my goodness you know goodness and tell goodness and share goodness with such generosity of spirit and presence!! thankyou. this post was a love gift to the world - look at yourself world!!! see how beautiful we know you are! steven

  13. Well said Steven,I only can echo your words and send some smiles from cold Holland,our sky is in volcano ash from Iceland!I love the golden chariot photos,very much! Thank you, (O:

  14. I like how you weave close up and panoramic shots so well. The world is a beautiful place if we take the time to notice and let it in.

  15. I think Ra is here, at the moment, somewhere over head.

    However he is a little shy today and perhaps a little tired after putting on such a spectacular display for you as he was leaving.

    So he is hiding behind the clouds, resting before his return visit with you tomorrow.

  16. Every picture is simply gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. I love sunrise, sunset and rainbows!

  17. Delwyn,
    Like always, I find myself smiling at the end of your posts!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely walk, it was breathtaking!

  18. What a gorgeous walk you had, Delwyn. I love the rainbow best! My husband and I walk around our country 'block' every day and he gets frustrated with me because I stop so often for pictures of wildflowers, squirrels, turtles and today, a crawfish mound. He's learning patience, though. LOL! Blessings!!

  19. Delwyn, I am very calmed by your posts. Your images and words are so beautiful! I'm so glad you found me in the blog world. I plan to visit often.

  20. I feel so energized and uplifted having just read this. I really feel YOU in your words Delwyn. Such a delight to take this journey with you! Fabulous photos as always...

  21. Oh what a wonderful walk that you shared. Your photos are so wonderful and the rainbow sequence is so fantastic.

  22. Hi Martin

    That is an interesting comment Martin...and you are right. I am glad that I have not stunned by the headlights of the temorary ...and neither are you...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Alden

    a lovely comment from you my friend.
    Gardening is a great meditation and way to connect with the earth, like sailing on the sea...

    happy days

  24. Hi Sapphire

    thank you for coming and being such an exuberant walker....

    Happy days

  25. Hello Susan

    It is lovely to see you over here tonight.

    It is a wonderful corner of the world and one for which I am daily grateful...more than daily...really...

    Happy days

  26. Hi Bonnie

    I hope that Ra was kind to you today and shook off his fluffy cloak of downy cloud...

    It is still rainy here and will be for another least there are dry spells to get out and about.
    As long as I can get the marketting done early tomorrow am I will be happy to create all the rest of the day...I am having a collage binge...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Wanda

    The imagery really is powerful isn't it...almost as good as the experience....

    You know Wanda it is said that true friends do not happen by chance,

    They are always gifts from God...

    Thank you my friend

    Happy days

  28. Hi Steven

    goodness in goodness out...

    Happy days

  29. Hi Alex

    I do hope the golden chariot will come your way again soon...and that that volcanic ash will blow away too...

    Happy days

  30. Hi Paul
    thanks for your visit.

    That is the biggy isn't it Paul... taking time, and I suppose that we oldies now have the time to see and appreciate more...

    (I am presuming that you are also in the autumn of your life...)

    Happy days

  31. Hi Barry

    any sign of Ra?
    I hope he overcame his bashfulness and showered you with tender greetings....

    Happy days

  32. Hello Gaia

    Well I have given you two out of three today Gaia...
    thanks for stopping by...

    Happy days

  33. Hello Princess Alexis

    I'm glad...

    Happy days

  34. Hi Marion

    I do most of my camera walks alone, that way I can pause as long as I like and not feel a nuisance to the other walker who may want a brisk hike.

    And also for selfish reasons...I see more...when I am not chatting....

    Happy days

  35. Hello Cindy and welcome to my pages.

    I hope that we can become blog friends...

    Happy days

  36. Hi there sweet Vicky

    I am touched that you feel that way...and love to have your company...

    Happy days

  37. Hi Larry

    I take this walk most is only a few steps out the door, along the boardwalk and into the park...but there is always something different to see...

    some days if it is drizzly I leave the camera at home and you know what happens then...don't you...

    a new koala the other day...dang...

    Happy days

  38. Stunning! Thanks so much for sharing some color with me on my grey day. Yesterday is snowed, melted in the rain and now it's all foggy. This unusual for mid April but not unheard of. I can't believe this is your winter. I love that bright leaf and your observation about vine blogging. So true!


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