Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Governor's Bay


Governor's Bay
Banks Peninsula
New Zealand

One day
during the week
of my stay in Christchurch
we packed a picnic
collected my father
from the rest home
and drove to the sea

We made our way 
around the side of Lyttelton Harbour
on Bank's Peninsula

Governor's Bay
is nestled in the Port Hills
at the far end of Lyttelton Harbour
twelve miles from the open sea

The small township
of mostly commuters
was named after an early 
Governor of New Zealand
George Grey who welcomed
the arriving Canterbury Association Settlers
to this beautiful Southern land 
from this spot in 1850

Out in the harbour
from Governor's Bay
you find Quail Island
which was the quarantine station 
for dogs and ponies
for the early Antarctic expeditions
Between 1918 and 1925 
Quail Island was a leper colony

The hills are often dry
in late summer,
brushed repeatedly 
by the hot Nor' west winds

Governor's Bay is a picturesque 
and peaceful town

And my father 
enjoyed the day's outing
and loved his picnic



  1. I LOVED these pictures. I cringed at one point because I couldn't actually smell the air.....Oh, how I long to travel. Someday!

  2. Well Alexis
    if and when you do put New Zealand on your list. It is small but diverse in topography and vegetation, and has a charm all of it's own.

    Happy days

  3. Delwyn,
    your lovely photos have a vintage postcard quality to them or even paintings. I love the unspoiled look, for as far as you can see.

    What a wonderful lasting memory, you have created, a picnic with your father, by the sea.

    This is a coincidence, yesterday my son, while metal detecting, found an old '1850 penny'(the year you mention), on our property.


  4. Hi Wanda

    well you can tell him that the year that penny was dropped on your land, or maybe minted, the first settlers were arriving in Christchurch New Zealand...New Zealand, and Au are very young countries for European settlement.

    You could say that NZ is a bit vintage in many ways but one of the most endearing of those vintage ways is that of the New Zealanders being genuine, generous and friendly people.

    Happy days Wanda

  5. What picturesque landscapes Delwyn. The moody skies are lovely too. I'm wondering what colour the water would be without the dark cloud covering ...

  6. Hi Bonnie

    I can't remember it ever being blue, always that dull teal colour...does that mean its always cloudy over there...perhaps...it was last time I visited too and foggy...

    Happy days

  7. Enjoy the closeups of your native shrubs, berries, and grasses. Interesting history, too.

  8. Exquisite! I've been catching up on your blog again. Great Easter posts, and koalas/ sea/beach scapes before you went away. I loved the second most recent post about the Aurora Australis, as well!

  9. That is such an autumnal overcast. Wow. How lovely for your dad to get out and see such beauty.

    Loved the aurora post from yesterday as well. I've only seen the lights once, in Canada. I would love love love to see them again, either here or on your corner of this amazing, beautiful planet!

  10. Wonderful pictures and and interesting history lesson.

    I just have to get to New Zealand some time!

  11. Oh my gosh how beautiful it is there. I'm glad you had a chance to spend such a lovely day with your Dad.
    New Zealand and it's people are all those things you said Delwyn. I've only been to the North Island, but spent weeks driving over 3 thousand miles. It is one of the most beautiful places i've been. And we were told we needed to see the South Island if we thought the North was wonderful.

    We'll see the South Island someday, but for now thank you for sharing. I've really enjoyed.

  12. So tranquil.
    So sweet.
    So sweet.

    Thank you.

  13. Delwyn

    Fantastic pictures!

    I am so glad you got to spend time with your family and your dad got away from the rest home for a day. I am sure he enjoyed his day out.

    I appreciate you sharing the history of Governor's Bay--I am falling in love with New Zealand
    and hope I can visit one day.

    Tracy :)

  14. Does this mean you are already back home from your trip?
    I'm sure your dad loved seeing this spectacular place, but mostly loved doing so with you.

    I'll make it down there one day, because I too am attracted to unspoiled beauty.

    Lola xx

  15. Delwyn-enjoyed being a part of your visit with your dad at this beautiful place. Were you a teacher?

  16. That second photo with the eensy bit of blue peeking through the cloud cover is my very favorite in a series of wonderful shots. I hope it didn't sprinkle on your picnic, Delwyn.

  17. How beautiful your land is.

    I also scrolled down to admire your pictures of the Great Southern Light.

    How beautiful our earth is.

  18. Thank you for sharing these photos, Delwyn. It makes me happy to know that you were there to take your father for an outing to such a beautiful place.

    The photos show a landscape that strongly resembles my favorite place along the coast of California: Tomales Bay where I sail a lot. If anything Governor's Bay is even more beautiful. Makes me wonder about past lives.

  19. It is indeed a very grey sort of beach, but spruced up with those dark greens. I'm glad you got to take your father out to such a place. I can almost imagine how cold and clear the beach air was.

  20. Hello Paul

    did you notice the ubiquitous thistle taking centre stage in one shot...

    I'm glad you enjoyed a little NZ history.

    Happy days

  21. Hello Karen

    now why have I not been seeing your posts???I must check into that...

    It is great to have you over and I must zip across to Botswana very soon...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Reya

    My Dad is not particularly garrulous but I do think he enjoys the outings and the memories that arise.

    Happy days

  23. Hi Barry

    well the least I can do is offer you little snippets to whet your appetite...

    happy days

  24. Hello Lori

    it is windswept and dry on these Port Hills but still they have a sullen beauty...

    Oh yes the South is very different, many mountains and lakes and of course the great Canterbury Plains...

    Happy days

  25. Jennifer
    so nice
    to see
    you now

    Happy days

  26. Hi tracy

    now that would be a great goal for you...NZ is affordable for you because of the good exchange rate your way...

    Happy days

  27. Hi Lola

    yes I just popped over the Tasman for a week.

    New Zealand still has plenty of untrammeled space, you would love it...bring warm clothes!

    Happy days

  28. Hi Maggie

    now what makes you think that Maggie...is it so apparent?

    happy days

  29. Hi Barb

    We ate our picnic from the car parked at the first beach stop watching the gulls hover over a few wind blown fishermen at Sumner.

    My Dad is not very mobile and I could not fit his walker in the boot of the car. As it was I did have him and my mother both fall over at one stage...thankfully neither were hurt but it did make me rethink future outings.

    Happy days

  30. Hi friko

    while I am now a naturalised Australian I still do feel in my heart of hearts that I am a New Zealander. I have lived in Au for over 30 years now.
    And yes NZ is very very beautiful.

    Happy days

  31. Hello Dan

    Thank you for your empathy.

    I do think that NZ would have a similar climate to your part of California and can be windswept and dry in parts too, especially on this peninsula.

    I often wonder about such resonances too Dan...why is it that some places just feel so right for us.

    Happy days

  32. Hi there Amy

    these little bays have rather small grey beaches which must be pretty in summer, but as it was a chilly autumn-nearly winter day we kept warm in the car....

    happy days

  33. This is a glorious place for a picnic. I'd love to go on a family holiday to NZ one day.

  34. Hi Liss

    that sounds a good idea, it is not too far and there are affordable fares and packages...and so much to see and do... but go at the end of summer as the weather is too unpredictable...Feb is the best month.

    Happy days

  35. Delwyn

    You are
    a very

    thank you
    for speaking
    the language
    of many.


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