Friday, April 2, 2010



I wish...

I wish I could capture
the translucent pearl green
of the ocean

the warmth of the air I breathe
that wafts up to me 
from the sea as I walk

the scooped clouds
that sit like balls of icecream
on a flat, blue platter

the dance of the butterfly pair
in and out of the coastal bush

the fading sun catching the crest
of the waves

the gaggle of silly turkeys
as they roost for the night
in the gum trees

my delight
at finding Brown Face
in the crook of the gum tree
still asleep ten hours 
after I left him this morning

the nearly empty Tea Tree Bay
at the end of a late summer day

frogsong at Tea Tree creek

and then
the stillness of the bush
as I weave my way
along the coastal track

the mighty boulders at Granite Bay
soaking up the sun's warmth
later to warm the air 
and the land above

the voices of the straggling surfers
down below the boardwalk

the smell of the evening vegetation

and the dusk mood 
of the boardwalk path
as I make my way back home

I wish I could capture
all those things 

for you



  1. Hi all

    the comments box is having convulsions tonight.

    Reading this you obviously made it through the miasma...I had a lot of trouble opening the box, then it would only publish every second attempt.

    SO ... copy your comments before you hit the go button my friends...

    to avoid frustration and giving I have been known to do when my 'beautifully crafted response'(humour required here) flies off into the ether never to be retrieved... its always when I am at my most erudite!!!

    The problem is not limited to this blog I believe...

    Happy posting days

    now copy first...
    yes Delwyn

    then hit go..
    yes Delwyn...

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  3. Hello Delwyn

    What a wonderful way to start my morning! Thank-You for sharing these lovely words and pictures.

    Tracy :)

  4. Hou have captured them all most beautifully, thanks... :)

  5. You did capture all those things and more, Delwyn. I breathed deeper with just the first photo of the translucent pearl green
    of the ocean, that you captured so perfectly!

    That mighty boulder reminds me of a turtle's head!

  6. Hello Wanda
    the imaginative woman who sees animals wherever she looks...

    I see one in the first rock picture...a giant turtle is clambering up from the ocean...
    and I thought it was that one you had noticed, but then I see the big boulder is also a turtle head... thank you Wanda

    Happy days

  7. Hi Tracy

    what time do you get up, your message came through at my 7.40 pm....
    I wonder if we are about 10 hours apart. Are you on the West Coast?

    Happy days

  8. Tracy - I mean East coast. I know that Dan in Nthn Calif is 6 hours ahead of me, on the day before...


  9. Hello there Jinksy

    As I walked and experienced the beauty of the late afternoon and dusk I thought I can never capture all of this to share... my photos don't do any of it justice... but I see that with a little imagination and sensitivity you can put yourself alongside me on my walk and share something of the wonder of the Noosa National Park and the ocean front walk.

    Thanks for your support Jinksy

    Happy days

  10. Hello Delwyn

    What a wonderful world!! I thoroughly enjoyed walking with you! <the translucent pearl green> sea is so inviting! When seeing such scooped clouds, I always thought "I wish I could eat them!" Yes, they are just like balls of icecream!! And the white boulders look lovely! Are they limestone? Thank you for sharing!

  11. Hi Sapphire

    How nice to see you.

    I imagine that the rocks are granite as the Bay is called Granite Bay.

    When my husband was excavating the site here for our home he struck weathered sandstone which was reasonable easy to remove but then he came across a very hard blue stone which has to be removed with a rock hammer. It was a lengthy arduous and jarring exercise that went on for many days...the poor neighbours....

    thanks for the visit

    Happy days

  12. Hello Delwyn

    I get up every morning around 4.30--have to be at work at 5.30(even on my days off I am up at this time)
    I sent your message around 6.00AM--how funny it would show 7.40 pm.

    Have a good week-end!

    Tracy :)

  13. Oh, but you have!

    That second photo and your perfect description of the ice cream clouds made me gasp.

    You are so fortunate, Delwyn. You live in paradise. And you take us there for a walk almost every day.

    Thank you!

  14. Delwyn,
    This is absolutely breathtaking, the words and the pictures!

  15. How peaceful - I enlarged all the photos, Delwyn. My favorite is the Tea Tree Bay - I like the way you framed the photo and the light is magical. (I also like the teeny people still in the surf.) I am taking a Mac one-on-one class today. I'm loving mine - are you loving yours?

  16. Oh Delwyn, I think you did capture these things for us. Thank you; as always this is a beautiful post. Peace be with you. Lizzy

  17. i've been having comment woes the last few days too. weird....anyway..
    turkeys in the trees? around here they are big ugly things and they definetly don't fly!

  18. I know it is not the same as going on the walk and experiencing everything but your images and words are a close second.. very lovely.

  19. Well, I can't see Freddie Frog, Turkey Lurky, Ken Koala or an ice cream, so what what the hell are you playing at? take the dark filter off you lens and do the walk again please - typical of people who want to swop Bilbo thingies for Chocolate Easter Bunnies, simply won't do.

  20. Mr Smith
    now where has your imagination gone...fled with the other requirements of a working life...get it are going to need it...
    there's lots of dreaming to do yet...

    happy days

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  22. Hmmmmmmmmm, Delwyn, in relation to your last comment:

    "People who like your comments about this sort of thing will find these comments the sort of thing they like" - Abraham Lincoln.

  23. Hi Bonnie

    thank you my friend

    Hi Ellen

    and thank you too

    Hi Lola
    thank you , I do enjoy your company.

    Hi Tom
    ditto re the turkeys but they can lift off although I wouldn't really call it flying...they get up onto the tops of walls and fences and even the power lines in front of my home sometimes. In the forest they must need the safety of the trees at night, I wonder what they are frightened of...or whether its a residual pattern - birds are supposed to roost in trees...

    Happy days

  24. Hi there Lizzy

    thank you for your company and appreciation...

    Hi Alexis
    so nice to have you walking with me today too...

    Hi Barb

    yes I like that shot too. My son has just been showing me how to make books on iphotos. Have you got that far yet?
    I always planned to put my fauna and flora into some kind of book...I'm not sure how but this program will make it easy as it does a lot of the work for you and all the photos are already loaded in you iphoto library.
    It will be a good winter project. There is a tutorial if you google mac printing book or some such ...

    I am loving the sleek macbook ...I would still like photoshop but can wait for that.

    Tell me what you learn...

    Happpy days

  25. Stunningly beautiful photos! What a treat to visit here and see such beauty. Thank you, Delwyn.

  26. Hi dan

    well they were taken with you all in mind...a shared pleasure in nature...

    happy days


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