Friday, April 23, 2010

Koala Update


The Koala Count

 The good news is
that I have seen three sightings
of koalas 
over the last few days

Look way up here
in the top of this gum tree

But the not so good news
is that I can't distinguish between them
so am unable to ascertain
whether we have three new koalas
to add to our tally
or of it is the same koala
I have seen three times

As I see him in the same vicinity
between Boiling Pot and Tea Tree Bay
I am inclined to think the latter

But he is a sleepy sweetie
and was referred to as Pinky,
by one of the park wardens 
that I bumped into 
under a eucalyptus tree,
because of his fluffy
pinky-brown derriere

so we shall call him that

we are disturbing him...

And that takes our tally to five
which is half the estimated total count
of koalas in the National Park
But I am hopeful...



  1. Oh! OH! how wonderful!! your photos and the sweet koala! Are they endangered in the National Park Delwyn? And are they solitary animals or do they usually have a mate? I would just lOVE to see one in the wild. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Now i'll have to go back for another look.
    xx lori

  2. You bumped into one of the park wardens under a eucalyptus tree,
    because of his fluffy pinky-brown derriere ? - Do you do that only to park wardens with fluffy pinky-brown derrieres or is it a universally applied fetish of yours? Jeeez Delwyn, leave the park wardens alone, they have a job to do.

  3. Alden

    I wasn't going to tell you about the park warden and his fluffy nature but you have found me out... The thing is I think he is turning into a koala...
    he had a strong eucalyptus smell about him, and little tufts of pinky brown hair sneaking out from his shirt neck...and when he asked me how well I could tree climb...well then I became really suspicious...

    Happy days

  4. Hi Lori

    the koalas belong to family groups but are usually seen alone. In the park there are only supposed to be about 10 remaining... they are 'threatened' animals in Au, meaning subject to threat from development, disease, dogs, decreasing number of trees to eat...and road kill.
    But govts and non govt bodies are taking action...

    Happy days

  5. hi delwyn,
    i just dropped by to say thanks for visiting my sepia saturday post (i'm slow this week!)
    i always love to "meet" another aussie blogger, too

  6. Koalas do look especially sweet, when sleeping, just like children. I was thinking it would be impossible for me to name or count the squirrels in my trees, too numerous and similar. One, that does have a very short tail is Lenny, short for length.
    I wish your koalas well, Delwyn!

  7. I Tap Quietly on my keyboard so as not to disturb!

  8. Thanks Delwyn, for the update on those cute little Koala's.

  9. Ahhhh - I think your 'sleepy sweetie' should be his name. They have got to be one of the most darling creatures on the planet. I do hope the measures taken to protect them and their habitat are effective.

    Thank you for sharing this photos, dear Delwyn. They truly melt my heart.

  10. I love your photos and the koala is so cute, nestled there asleep.

  11. You live in such an exotic location. These koalas are so exciting to see. No wonder every child should have a koala teddy.

  12. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face! What a sweetie pie he is.

  13. what delightful little creatures Koalas are. I sincerely hope that you will find the other five. Perhaps you could go round looking for signs of fluffy little bottoms?

  14. i can't believe there are only 10! Glad they are working on a solution.

  15. Those are really wonderful photos of the koala. He is a sleepy boy and so cute! Marvelous to be able to see them especially with so few around.

  16. Hello Kylie

    it is great to have you drop in...
    please pop by again...

    Happy days

  17. Hi Wanda
    now naming squirrels might be a formidable task and telling them apart even harder...

    I saw the child like quality too...

    Happy days

  18. Hi Tony

    you are a considerate fellow, remember that the koala is nocturnal so he needs his daytime beauty sleep.

    Happy days

  19. Hi Ann

    I am happy to inform the koala lovers of my counting progress

    Happy days

  20. Hi Bonnie

    A good suggestion...I loved the way the koala high up in the tree shows his ears in silhouette...

    Happy days

  21. Hi Ellen

    thanks Ellen and I will continue with the updates, boring any non koala lover out there...

    Happy days

  22. Ho Paul,

    YES I DO, and every day I give thanks for being able to live here. I didn't always, we immigrated from NZ, but over 33 years ago now, AND NZ is lovely too, in a different way, and too cold for us now...

    Koalas do make a gorgeous cuddly pet...of the toy variety...

    Happy days

  23. Hi Polly

    yes I think he needs a name change

    Sweetie pie

    or Sleepy Sweetie...

    Happy days

  24. Hi Friko

    I can usually smell them out. They have a distinctive strong gum leaf pong, not unpleasant, but you know when you walk through his environment.

    You might also see his pellet like droppings but they can be from the night before when he was foraging and now he may have moved on...

    These ones stick to the coastal track area which is great for the tourists and the koala counters like me...

    Happy days

  25. Hi Tom

    that was what the wilf life volunteer told me (see a previous Koala story)

    but this Nat park is small just a few sq miles...

    Happy days

  26. Hi Lorac

    I have been lucky but do walk almost every day and have my eyes peeled. The tourists spot them too so if you see anyone looking up you know you are in for a treat.

    happy days

  27. I love your art,
    want to pass you two awards,

    please claim it via this link:

    Happy Saturday!

  28. I have weekend funnies in my

    I enter my link with this comment here,
    enjoy your talent!

  29. How lucky you are to be able to see these sweet things!

  30. Pinky and I have similar facial expressions when we need rest! I love the name Tea Tree Bay - I think of it as awash in tea tree oil.

  31. I have just discovered your blog through Sepia Saturdays. I love your page and the posts I've read so far. I still have my stuffed koalas from my childhood and I'm 50! They are my favorite creature, and your pictures made my day. I can't imagine living on the same continent with such amazing, adorable bears. Nice to meet you.
    My wildlife sightings are mainly chipmunks and squirrels!


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