Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Seas


Big seas
and bright lights

Way out here
at the end of the National Park
before it meets Sunshine Beach
and the great swathe of Pacific Ocean
that runs all the way south of here
to my capital city of Brisbane

there is a secluded bay called
Alexandra Bay
popular with those
who like to wear
their birthday suits 

well it was a bit rough 
for that today

facing into the gusting
south easterly winds

but back here
in the shelter of Laguna Bay
things are very different

the surfers
enjoy the swells
of the late afternoon

and my walk
slows to a crawl
and then a stop

as I soak up
the splendour

before climbing 
up the boardwalk 
to home...

Oh Happy Days



  1. Delwyn, that last sunset shot looks almost biblical.

  2. Delwyn, these photos are magic. I can almost feel the smell of the ocean, it looks so real!

  3. delwyn you were in another world for sure. these pictures are spectacular!! i especially love the flowers in the last photograph. steven

  4. Delwyn, thanks for the lovely trip to the shore, your photos are beautiful. I grew up near Atlantic Ocean and now live landlocked in the middle of the US. I miss the sound of the waves most of all. I can almost hear them in your post.

  5. Increible views, Delwyn. I wanted to stare forever at the second photo, it delivers feelings of both power and calmness. I truly was moved by it's beauty, it will forever represent my feelings of friendship and appreciation of knowing you. To me, it speaks of you!

  6. You certainly chose the best imaginable word for that sunset - 'splendor' ...

    Your photographs are amazing Delwyn. How lucky you are to have such a glorious environment to try and capture with your lens.

    Now, I just have one question. Okay, two. Were you at that bay really to photograph the birthday suits and not the landscapes? And, do the photographers who go there have to be in their birthday suits too? Anyway, that's how I was imagining you for the rest of the photos you shared! The left side of my brain (with discretion and judgment) does not kick in until 10:00 a.m. Apologies for my wild and crazy right-brained meanderings.

  7. Delwyn-it is always a treat to go on a walk with you and for you to share the beauty that you see.

  8. Oh happy days indeed, Delwyn.

    You certainly walk in beauty.

  9. What an incredibly lovely place you live at Delwyn. And we are so lucky that you can share your views of it with us. Thank you.

  10. Happy days indeed! These pictures are exquisite! Wow.

  11. I can't believe that you have this paradise near enough to go for daily walks. Your photos are magnificent.

    You must be in a constant feeling of bliss. Happy Days indeed.

  12. That golden glow is just seeping onto everything, Delwyn. I think it might be inside you, too! Amazing photos!

  13. Ah, what a peaceful sight after a long day. I love the soft light the sunset has painted the flowers with.

  14. Hi Martin

    I went back and had another look at that photo and it does have that Moses in the desert look to it...

    happy days

  15. Hello Jelica

    I haven't seen your sweet face for a little while...it is nice to have you over...

    It was real jelica!

    Happy days

  16. Hi Steven

    the little yellow flowers are covering the coastal bushes right now and the way that they caught the late sun and glowed seemed to sum up the essence of the day...

    happy days

  17. Hi Mel

    I only have to walk down my front lawn, cross the road and I am on the boardwalk...I am so lucky...I am getting used to the sounds of the ocean at night after being on a still river for nearly 30 years.

    Happy days

  18. Hi Wanda

    that is an interesting choice...I can see the power in the movement of the surging water and feel the calm in the deep green, and thank you for this metaphor of friendship.

    happy days

  19. Hi Bonnie

    you are a funny duck...We walk to the edge look over and pretend we are about to fly over the ocean...but don't go down onto the beach...it is in the shadows in the late afternoon and also makes the walk too long...

    Actually I rarely go down onto Alexandra beach unless I am walking right over the Headland to Sunshine Beach and this makes a long walk, good in the winter... But back to the bods on the beach...I have found that the bay being unofficially nudist attracts a weird assortment of characters and I'd rather keep away...

    And no I can't imagine walking in the raw...

    Happy days

  20. Hello Maggie
    I am glad you came along...

    Hi Barry

    Happy walking to you and Lindsay

    Hi Joanna
    It is a rare jewel Joanna and one for which I am always grateful...

    Happy days

  21. Hello Reya
    thanks for walking with me

    Hi Tracy
    I hope all is well with you...my best wishes

    Hi friko
    Yes friko all I have to do is walk down the lawn, cross the road and I am on the boardwalk only 2 mins away from the park. The boardwalk around the edge of the ocean is such a great walk too.

    Happy days

  22. Hi Barb

    thanks for coming walking and being such great company.

    Hi Cloudia
    Glory be...

    Happy days


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