Monday, April 26, 2010

Sun on the Gums

Sun on the Gums

My walks these days
in the late afternoon
are glowing
with the dropping sun

and high up
in the eucalyptus leaves

instead of a koala
I spy the waxing moon

On the other side of town
my son
has a family
of inquisitive neighbours

they stand and observe
his movements

this beautiful brown fellow
poses motionless
like a statue

Thank you for sharing
the wildlife shots
son # 1



  1. love this absolutely,
    you are winsome!

  2. Your trees are gilded with gold and the kangaroos are standing sentinel - you live in a magical kingdom, Delwyn!

  3. I've always heard the light in Australia is spectacular. You proved it. And I thank YOU for the shots of the delightful visitors!

  4. delwyn the first three pictures made me think of the quality of light maxfield parrish used in his artwork. the roos - my wife loved the roos when she visited oz. have a peaceful day. steven

  5. We had the neighbour's cat in the back yard the other day.

    Alright, not quite the same thing as a family of kangaroos.

    You live in an amazing place.

  6. Superb shots of a magical Kingdom.

  7. Gums, eucalyptus and kangaroos...quintessential Australia.

  8. Pure magic. I see moose from my yard and you see kangaroos from yours. So diverse, so strange each to the other, and yet, we connect via windows opened through heart songs sketching stories.

  9. These are lovely shots. The ones of the moon through the trees reminds me of one very similar that I took of the moon through oak limbs also in late afternoon.
    I love the "visitor" photos. Yes, thank you son #1.

  10. yes indeed, we share the same sun and moon, as we share this earth. Just think of it, we may be at different ends of it, but that doesn't stop us looking into the same heavens and feeling the same pull towards infinity.

    Sorry, I haven't any roos.

  11. Hi Jingle

    thanks for coming over and enjoying a spot of Au

    Hi Barb
    the trees love to absorb this autumn afternoon sun and walking at this time is so peaceful with very few people on the track.

    Hi Kathleen
    the light here is very different, artists comment on it, and the sun is also very strong...we have the highest rate of skin cancers in the world I believe.

    Happy days

  12. Hi Steven

    Thank you for this lead. I enjoyed looking up his works and love the old illustrations.

    Hello Barry
    well a puddy cat is pretty special, but no not quite as scary as a huge roo staring you down...

    Hello Moannie
    How nice to have you call by....thanks for the visit

    Hi Ellen
    the trifecta!

    Happy days

  13. Hi nana Jo

    Yes I would be suitably impressed by a Moose...

    Hi there Lizzy

    I will come and look for your moon through the oak...thank you

    Happy days

  14. Hi friko

    well what's the best you've got?

    Happy days

  15. Sorry I haven't visited in awhile...beautiful photos Delwyn!


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