Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Eye of Horus


The Eye of Horus

The eye of Horus
is an ancient Egyptian symbol
of protection

The Egyptian word
for this symbol is wedjat
pronounced ud jat

The eye of Horus
is pictured as a falcon
and it represents spiritual abilities
as it is the eye
that perceives the light

Horus' right eye was white
and signified the sun
His left eye was black
to represent the moon

Horus, also known as Ra,
lost his left eye
in a battle with Seth
his evil brother
The broken eye was reassembled
by Thoth
and that his why
we see the moon in parts

The Egyptians used the eye
as a funerary amulet
for protection against evil
and rebirth
in the underworld

The amulets were made of Lapis Lazuli
or from a stone called mak

The all seeing Eye of Horus
was also worn as jewellery
for protection



  1. fascinating and beautiful. Thank you!

  2. Interesting post Delwyn, I always seem to find a way to relate. My evening ended with your previous post and my morning has started with this one. The moon(left eye) was so bright last night and this morning's sunlight(right eye) seems to have come quite a bit earlier.
    I need a wrought iron Horus Eye for my garden to protect it from the squirrels and deer.


  3. Hi Wanda

    After dinner tonight Beloved and I walked down the boardwalk to the gelati shop for a treat and the great eye of horus (the left one) was climbing over the hill behind our home, giving us just enough light - I don't want to break that ankle again....and so we sat at the edge of the beach on a little low wall looking at the moonlight on the ocean in the balmy evening air and enjoyed our cones...mine was hazelnut+choc chip... Oh Happy days

  4. Hi Val

    It's nice to have your company...all has been quiet in monkey country...

    happy days

  5. hi delwyn, the moon's been high and round and peering in my window late at night waking me. which i don't mind at all actually. floating there serene and calming. i like the idea of the moon broken into pieces being a reassembled eye. i like that a lot. steven

  6. I could do with the eye of Horus looking my way right about now. In fact maybe I'll make a few photocopies and plaster them around the house.

  7. Hi barry

    that's a good idea, may Horus watch over you my friend...

    happy days

  8. I have seen this eye a hundred times in my life and never knew what it meant. SO COOL. I may need to add that image to one of my soulcollage cards.

  9. Delwyn,
    I love Egyptian Mythology and History. Very interesting post!

  10. They're omnipresent in Egypt, but you've added to my fount of knowledge. Thanks, Delwyn!

  11. Hi Meri

    I'm pleased that you found the post interesting...

    Happy days

  12. Hi Steven

    the story appealed to me too and made me think of the myths and stories that have been created to explain phenomena in the natural world - we really are creative souls...

    Happy dasy

  13. Hi fragrant Muse

    I am so pleased that I have triggered a creative is a great image...let me know of the end result

    happy days

  14. Hi Alekis

    your name sounds Egyptian and exotic...

    Hi Cloudia, I hope spring is warmer now in hawaii

    Hi Jingle,
    I have my eye on you...

    Happy days

  15. what a beautiful post! i am very attached to this protective eye, myself ;)
    and the blue in the last image is stunning!


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