Monday, February 16, 2009

A Serendipitous Poem


The poems below are examples of 'Found Poems' - the serendipitous connecting of found phrases and lines. Found poems are fun and easy to assemble.

Here's how you do it:

* With your eyes, scan the paragraphs of a few pages of an old book for phrases that resonate with you and cut them out ( or photocopy and cut)

* Gather a few phrases and begin to arrange them and rearrange them until you have 'found' a little poem

* Find an appropriate background and mount your lines - and there voila... you are an instant poet.

The backgrounds to my found poems are, in order of display:

~ A nature photo taken by my son
~ My husband aged about six playing on the shoreline at Eastbourne, Wellington, New Zealand
~ The cover image from Ann Morrow Lindberg's 'Gift from the Sea'.
~ A corner of Bruegel's 'Harvest'

If you feel inspired grab your scissors and glue stick and then send me the results:

and I will make a communal post of our efforts at Found Poetry.



  1. This is a cool idea, and i love the backgrounds you chose ... hope i have time to give this a go.

  2. Thanks runmotman - Oh and can you tell me: what does runmotman mean?

  3. Very nice indeed - I identify strongly with "A Boy Was Playing" and I particulary like the last one about a dream within a dream - an excellent variation on your usual penchant for this form of great card making creativity.

  4. What a great Blog and I love the Found Poetry ! I'll try one soon!

  5. Alden - yes it is a different slant and I thought of you as I made the 'boy playing.'

    Welcome to my spot e and please try a poem and send it to me. I would be thrilled.

  6. Delwyn, your work is wonderful. I especially liked the one of the little boy and the sea called him to sail.

    My banner was done by Kelly Vivanco. All art on my blog belongs to others. I do the writing.



  7. what's life without being creative..too be in the "zone" lovely friendly work again..

  8. What a great idea. I found myself looking for phrases to try. Like Alden, I responded to the boy playing poem, but also to the dream inside a dream poem.

    Just lovely. Your blog is so rewarding!

  9. You are an inspiration.

    (This is much prettier than those magnets on a fridge!)

    I'll see what I can come up with.

  10. Everybody: I'm so glad you like the idea and maybe you can glue something together.. It would be fun to have a display of our efforts.

  11. Dan: I have to say that the 'dream within a dream' gives me the shivers...the nice shivers - that is of connecting with my deep inner self.

  12. Great idea and blog.

    Stay creative!


  13. Coffee Messiah - did you hear my call!!!!

    welcome to my page, its good to smell the coffee.
    Happy Days, and a soy flat white to you....

  14. So beautiful ....and fun I might try one on a painting.

  15. Sarah: I hope you do...

    Country Girl: welcome to Qld

  16. cool stuff--i saw this found poetry thing at meri's musings yesterday. i think it's a sign that i keep stumbling across it. :-)

  17. welcome Julochka, good to have you here. Yes Meri and I are both captivated by the lost poem waiting to be found.


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