Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bat Flowers - maybe?

Look at this flower I noticed as I left the gym yesterday.
Velvety blue black flowers, enormous leaves and these long mauve whiskers.
I wonder what it is?
It looks a little like the spathaphyllum that surround it.

Look at the size of the leaves.

I asked Mr Google for some help and he suggested this:
The Bat Flower
- Tacca chantrieri.

My flower has white leafy petals at the flower and this one has purple.
What do you think? Does it look the same to you?



  1. The bat flower is beautiful and exotic.

    Even cooler is the fact that you wrote this post tomorrow, but I'm reading it today. Wow.

    Thanks for the Rapunzel comment. It's very similar to the translation I have. The power of tears is mighty, in fairytales, that is.

    I wish you a happy tomorrow from where I am, here in yesterday.

  2. Reya: Thanks for these comments I appreciate you are a busy girl with all the comments you get and the lovely postings you thanks fellow blogger.

  3. I'm not too busy. I don't try to read everything every day, but ... you're welcome, I guess is the correct response. I'm glad you're out there, tomorrow, sending posts backwards in time to me today.

    I think not only compassion but the ability to be real, to let go of self-consciousness and just feel with all our humanity, is incredibly healing - for ourselves as well as for others.

    Have a nice tomorrow!

  4. Reya: Yes I think I am getting back to basics - Kindness, caring and compassion.

  5. Hi Delwyn
    I cannot help much with the flower at all... only to say it is unusual.
    I called by to say a big thankyou for your complimentary comment you left me over on
    Wiggers World It really matters to get comments like that and always inspires me to carry on.
    Thank you

  6. Those flowers say to me, "See how amazing life can be? With just the minerals in soil, some water, some carbon dioxide, and using the gentle light and warmth of the sun we can do THIS!!!" These bat flowers say it silently, but with emphasis.

    Keep your camera at the ready, Delwyn! I really appreciate your efforts.

  7. Dan: I showed the flower vendor at the market my 'bat' photos and he confirmed that it was indeed a bat flower.They look more bat-like with the large purple petals on the flower.

    I am amazed that I have sprigs of mint sitting in water on my kitchen bench and they just keep on growing as do my cuttings of crotons - living on water alone...


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