Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashbacks from the Fifties

.Every child in New Zealand in the 50s had a Buzzy Bee. Many still have.

Every child had to clean their school shoes before school with Kiwi nugget. (Well - in my family they did)

Mothers in the 50s baked cakes and biscuits using Edmonds 'Sure to Rise' baking powder.

Unfortunate kids in the 50s were made to eat Watties mushy tin peas.


  1. I remember Buzzy Bees! I think some of them had cords attached to them so you could pull them. Now when I look at them, I wonder if the little balls on the antennas could come off and be a choking hazard. And I remember mushy peas, some of them shriveled, some smooth, but all of them a gray-green that doesn't even come close to the color of fresh or frozen peas.

  2. ...and KIWI Shoe Polish was always THE brand used in Canada as well.

  3. Meri and VioletSky - I am glad I triggered someone's memory. Yes Meri they did have strings and those little antenna balls had a habit of falling off too.
    And the peas: you are write - dull green and the texture of mud.

  4. woops - should be 'you are right' That's a great freudian slip of mine Meri - you are such a good 'writer.'

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