Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lo and Behold


I just can't stop finding poems. The lines keep dancing across my desk, leaping down from the bookshelves and flying off the end of my gluestick to join together in a chorus that must be sung.

Meri at has also found herself in their thrall. She has developed her own special style of found poem and posted a beautiful example on her blog. She said that the words "gravitate like iron filings to a magnet" ... "and fall in love"... Go and read her great effort...

So here are a few more of my reborn poems:

These next two are slightly less found, maybe a little more rearranged, in that they come from the same couple of pages of Hermann Hesse's 'Siddhartha.'

My backgrounds are:
A Monet painting
Autumn in Japan - my daughter's photo
The cover of my journal
My river photo photoshopped


  1. I've jumped from one to another several times and can't decide which is my favorite. Each, as I read it, holds the title; then comes another contender. I played this morning but haven't posted yet, having taken some time to declutter, go to lunch with my parents, and making some recycled art on inventory tags for an exchange. By the way, I think I fixed your link. It works for me now and it didn't previously. Had one too many http's in the link.

  2. Hi Meri, I have enjoyed this tangent on poetry so much...sounds like you have too...amongst other things.
    I went to LK Ludwig's place and found she is the author of one of a group of art/journalling / collage books I have just read. Happy days.Delwyn

  3. Your new post National Treasure does not want too load.

  4. I think found things are far more interesting and exciting than the ones that are sought after or bought. The randomness is a thrill when it comes together. So this is fun!

    Thank you very much for the extremely kind things you said about my blog. That makes me incredibly happy!

  5. Mona: You probably caught it when I was scheduling it last night and it popped onto the screen in error. It was on hold til this am.

  6. Ruth, I'm glad you have come to visit. The unexpected is often the treat.


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