Sunday, May 30, 2010

Be in Life


Be in life

but keep your ideas
and your ideals
within yourself

Be true to Self
in the quiet
of your own space

Immerse yourself
in everyday life

But remain your own self

Participate in the world

But be of
your own inner world

from Joseph Campbell



  1. Hello my Blogging friends,

    We leave tomorrow morning to work in Hawaii for 6 months or so...I will be popping back down here to visit my kids and also see my mother over in New Zealand too.

    I hope to get my blogging up and running within a week or so and while I will be busy I am sure I will find time to keep in contact with you all - that is important to me, and I have every faith that my trusty little camera and I will find topics of interest and beauty to bring to you.

    Happy days

  2. I love these wordings, they match the peacefulness of the photos very well!!!

    Very much enjoy your blog. When reading, it's as though anything negative in life can leave me for the time being.

  3. For some reason, your post reminded me of the last verse in George Harrison's song, 'The Inner Light' -

    'Arrive without travelling,
    See all without looking,
    Do all without doing'.

    Have a safe journey, Delwyn. Take care.

  4. These words match those photos perfectly, everything is enlightening...
    Happy Sunday!
    Smooth Sailing for your trip!

  5. 'Keep your ownself inside'...'just like your home is where your heart is, you can take it with you'!

    I will use your setup time to revisit some of your previous posts each morning, Delwyn.


  6. Delwyn,
    I was JUST watching a video of Elizabeth Gilbert and she was basically saying this same thing. That with all of the choices and all of the ways to be -- she was speaking to women -- we somehow have to find, and cleave to, our own inner voice. The mystic inside of us!

    You say it so succinctly, and these heavenly pictures are the perfect accompaniment.

    Best wishes for your journey to Hawaii. It sounds like a glorious adventure.

  7. This post nicely addresses a subtle but powerful distinction for me, one it has taken me a long time to learn. I would call it "organic boundaries." This is the phrase I've been using in my discussions with others on this topic lately.

    Happy travels!

  8. Lovely post Delwyn!
    I hope you will have a safe trip to Hawaii.

    Tracy :)

  9. Sublime photos and words to match. Thank you Delwyn. I'm looking forward to posts from Hawaii.

  10. Six months in Hawaii? Oh I like the way you live, Delwyn!

  11. The words & images are just about perfect--there's such a splendor in a sunset on the sea. Have a grand time in Hawaii!

  12. Yes, I like the idea that what is hidden may be revealed and what is revealed may be hidden. It is within our individual power to make those choices. The sky photos make me want to linger and just look. Have a safe journey and do keep in touch. I'll be thinking about you.

  13. beautiful words and photos, thank you for this post.
    safe travels my friend,
    x lori

  14. hi delwyn, the sufis have a phase for this "in this world but not of it". have a safe journey and i look forward to your eventual return to bloggyland. steven

  15. "Become passers-by" said the gospel of Thomas.
    We are all pillgrims on this wonderful earth!
    Take care...

  16. more of Delwyn's philosphical gems. Thank you.

    Have a good time wherever you roam.

    Happy Days

  17. Stunning clouds and poetry! I love the abstraction of the last shot and the first is so dramatic. This was perfect. It is grey here in Maine. Thanks for bringing the sun and color to my day. Have fun in Hawaii and NZ!

  18. What a wonderful life - "commuting" as you do to Hawaii.

    Thanks for the paraphrasing ... Joseph Campbell isone of my heroes.

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  20. What beautiful skies!

    Hawaii...I'm jealous! ;)

  21. Aloha, Delwyn!

    The sky in the top photo looks exactly like the one in the Maxfield Parrish hanging in my diningroom. Gorgeous!

    Joseph Campbell is my soul mate.

  22. Welcome to Toi and SimoneV

    thanks for coming by and spending time with us...It is good to meet you in my little corner of the world...

    Happy days


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