Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Double dose of Beauty


I have two beautiful things
to show you from my walk today

the first, you may question
my descriptive terminology

But I find 
this little Bearded Dragon
to be quite a beauty

A lizard of the Pogona family
he has splendid camouflage
and patterning

an inquisitive glare

spiky scales around his throat
and the back of his head
which can expand
when he feels threatened

His gentle friendly nature
makes him a good pet

This Bearded Dragon
was scuttling across my path
He measured about a foot in length
and will nearly double that
as an adult

But with my second offering

I am sure
that you will concur

 this soft peachy sunset
over the ocean

is a beautiful way
to end the day's walk



  1. Both are truly beautiful Delwyn. Oh my gosh. I love the bearded lizard and the sunset is exquisite. I'm sure i'll have sweet dreams now, thank you very much for such a lovely post.

  2. The little bearded dragon enjoying the sun. Then, the sun, enjoying a moment over the horizon.

  3. Your little friend was doing his job well, being hidden and independent of his surroundings. He was dinosaur like in appearance and sitting very still. Your sunsets are wonderful.

  4. I see a triple dose of beauty: the bearded dragon, the sunset, the woman behind the camera and at the keyboard.

  5. delwyn - i notice that when you're in close to little creatures that the detail of their bodies, the colouring, is exquisite. then on the grand scale of a sunset the beauty is spread generously. i share your sense of these as both worthy of the idea of beauty. steven

  6. Delywn, you introduced me to the beauty of lizzards, almost exactly a year ago. My first visit here, I read about 'your visit' from a common house gecko and of Murray!

    The peachy sunset brings to mind a parfait dessert! Beautiful

    My life has been enriched by seeing the beauty of your world through your eyes! I so appreciate all the art you post and your beautiful thoughts!


  7. Nice images.. gorgeous sunset... :)


  8. Both are beautiful! How lucky you are to live in a world of dragons and peach sunsets. What a lovely way to start my work day. Thank you!

  9. I, too, would praise your lizard having learned to love them in my daughter's world of the rain forest of Trinidad. The sunset- lovely!

  10. What Dan said!!

    And also, I am once again reminded (in the beauty of the bearded dragon) of an Annie Dillard quote: "The texture of the world, its filigree and scrollwork, means that there is the possibility for beauty here, a beauty inexhaustible in its complexity, which opens to my knock, which answers in me a call I do not remember calling, and which trains me to the wild and extravagant nature of the spirit I seek."

  11. Simply beautiful photos--& I'm not generally a lizard fan!

  12. Love that little guy, although I'm not sure I'd appreciate him as much at two feet in length.

    The sunset was magnificent.

  13. The bearded dragon is very cool to see! I have only seen them in photos, would love to see one in person. You caught a truly beautiful sunset. Just "peachy"!

  14. Oh my o my,when my eyes fell on that magnificent sunset the only thing what came out of me was Auwwww...and Ooohh..and woooouwy!!!
    Thank you for this wonderful post!

  15. The bearded dragon looks a little gruff and scratchy for "beautiful," in my vernacular. Interesting, perhaps. But the light and color of that sunset - oh my!

  16. yes, I agree, two beautiful things. I can see that it wouldn't be too difficult to catch the sunset, but how do you get so close to the wildlife in your pictures?

  17. I just came back from a sunset walk, too - however, your peachy one wins the prize for beauty. I like the markings of the little dragon but don't think I'd care to have a grown one as a pet!

  18. I just came back from a sunset walk, too - however, your peachy one wins the prize for beauty. I like the markings of the little dragon but don't think I'd care to have a grown one as a pet!

  19. Hi Lori

    You are a great reader Lori, always so appreciative, than you

    Hi Martin
    yes and me enjoying both...

    Hi Larry
    he sat absolutely still as I took his picture, then I touched him on the tail and he bolted into the scrub....

    Hi Dan

    thank you my friend for your appreciation, your encouragement and joining with me in celebrating the things of life that matter...

  20. Hi Steven
    I like your comment Steven, today's post did range from the small and detailed through to the panoramic and global...

    Hi Wanda
    that is an interesting cycle Wanda, a whole year later...I remember it was just before I broke my ankle and you were so helpful....and reassuring...
    thank you for these words of encouragement and communion...

    Hi Angad
    Do you like my little dragon? I haven't seen your blog pop up in a while...time for me to look into that...

    Hello Sarah
    they are a sublimely disparate mix aren't they Sarah, dragons and peach sunsets....

    Hi Grandmother
    I'm glad you have been initiated into lizard Lovers anon....we will have fun together...

    Hi Polly
    thank you too,

    this is another quote I have copied down as it resonates well with me. I love the answer in response to the forgotten calling...

  21. Hi John

    well I'm glad that I have the opportunity of convincing you otherwise...

    Hi Barry
    oh he's harmless. Maybe I could send you one to test drive...

    Hi Carol Lorac
    thanks, aren't they prehistoric creatures...

    you are a dag Aleks...a wonderful dag...

    Hi Meri
    beauty that has you go ahhhhhh how marvellous...rather than mushy beauty....just like you did with the sunset...

  22. hi Friko

    I stood right over the little dragon and he didn't mind at all, in fact he was pretending he wasn't even there, not a single blink...when I had taken my fill pf pics I tapped him on the tail and kazzam he was off...

    Hi Barb
    I think I might pass on the dragon pet too after having his great uncle the monitor in for tea that day recently....


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