Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Sacred Space


A Sacred Space

We each have
a sacred space
it is a birthright
a spiritual inheritance

One of the ways 
that we can access
our sacred space
is to create
a metaphor for it
in our physical world

This is an actual space
where you withdraw
from the world
of phenomena
and enter your 
inner world

A study
or a sanctuary
surrounded by your books
and photographs
can act as a portal
leading you inwards
to your sacred space

Sitting at your desk
in the company
of your journals
art objects
and treasures
informs the mind
that you are about 
to enter the gateway
to the inner sanctuary

A ritual act
of your own design
or one from the ages
can provide the key
to the gate
that safeguards 
your inner sanctum

Just as the joining
of the thumb and forefinger
in meditation
acts as a trigger
signaling the mind
that you are leaving
the outer world
and entering the stillness,
entering a place of peace
which is your heaven - 
the metaphor
for the sacred space
evokes the 
world within the world
and provides access
to your sacred space

Do you have 
a sacred space metaphor...

Artist: Chen Chun Zhong



  1. I would say that my sacred space is writing.
    Sometimes my poetry makes sence, perfect sence to my mind only! When I was a teenager, I went through a lot of things with my family and writing was my escape. It is almost as if it is an old friend now, where I can find comfort or peace or healing.
    Beautiful post Delwyn

  2. What a lovely post, Delwyn!
    And welcome back!! I'm happy to have you here!! All these Chen Chun Zhong's paintings are so wonderful!! I love them! A sacred space metaphor? Well, for me it may be a starry night.
    PS I enjoyed your Horus's Eye post very much!!

  3. Such a beautiful posting Delwyn.

    I have many options I use to enter my inner sanctum. Several material ones arranged in my home and surroundings. However, I prefer images I use in my mind to access inner and higher states of mind. One I use is that of ascending stairs that lead up into higher realms. I climb them slowly (in my mind) leaving ego concerns behind with each step. Arriving at the top of the stairs I enter a magnificent space that I have designed for meditation and healing which I can add new things to at will.

    It is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. Easy access is key. E.g. I can use this imagery sitting in a doctor's waiting room or while in a dentist's chair, or while out for a stroll ...

    I hope your post encourages others to create such tools, places, triggers for themselves.

  4. delwyn - such a cool and insightful post. i haven't really identified methods or places but i would have to say that cycling allows for my best inner dialogue and then from that comes the nothingness of being in this world but not of it. specific pieces of music and images are also useful. sometimes when i am preparing a blog posting i find that space also. have a lovely evening. steven

  5. Comments got error message. Blue bird

  6. Being silent and listening while alone in the woods, bathing in a darkened room or concentrating on one of the many ticking clocks throughout my house takes me to my inner scantuary!


  7. wow! beautiful, thoughtful post, and such lovely images...thank you!

  8. The paintings are exquisite. The rocks are so alive.

    Sacred space - well - for me everywhere is sacred. Wish I could remember to notice that more often. I'm practicing.

  9. Walking is a portal to within for me. So is writing and creating art. As for spaces I've created, it would be my little office space, my monitor in front of a window where I see bald eagles and hummingbirds almost every day. Books along one wall. Sacred objects around me. Music sometimes playing, but not always.

  10. Biking, walking, enjoying a fresh green tea in the afternoon...breathing.

  11. Thought provoking post. I've never considered it a "sacred space", but I think my walks at sunset would qualify. The act of walking prepares me, and the time alone in spiritual repose gives me peace.

  12. Hi dear Delwyn,when I look to my own eyes or eyes of someone who love me is my sacred place! A metaphor for an sacred place I can find in many shapes,colours,fragrances of a summer rose garden,sunsets,storms,hug from my mum,papa's smile,clouds,sky,ocean,forest,song of birds,flock of leaving wild geese's,Poetry,paintings,drawings, music!!!! And oh, so many other beautiful places in my mind trough your eyes!! Thank you for this beauty Delwyn,I do hope your journey was fine as I hope you are feeling good too! Much love,smiling smiles and hugs from me and Holland!!

  13. Wow, Chen Chun Zhong’s work is stunning! Thanks for the introduction. Your poetic words were a lovely accompaniment.

    Cool sun rise photo below! I had a stuffed koala as a kid too. You are so lucky to have real ones as neighbors now. Welcome back!

  14. Hello Cloudia

    I am sure you can find plenty of apt metaphors in the paradise of Hawaii

    happy days

  15. Hi Alexis

    I can tell that your writing provides that space for you to tend to your's good to know where we can go to commune with our inner selves.

    Happy days

  16. Hi Sapphire
    thankyou, the night sky does bring us into a deep space where we feel a part of the enormity of creation. I wonder if that is daunting to some people....I like the black vacuum....

    Happy days

  17. Hi Bonnie

    i like your useful you I have a visualization where I make my way through a door into a sacred garden....I am going to try your steps with their inbuilt analogy....

    happy days

  18. Hi Steven
    I love that feeling when walking, where the body is doing its thing quite capably and the rest of me can float...and I imagine that biking would be the can transport you yes...and I agree the blissful feeling of absorption in creation takes you into a realm of connection....

    Happy days

  19. Hi there Wanda
    I am not a bath person but can imagine it would be a back to the womb sensation...I know what you mean by the ticking clocks. My parents home is full of them and their music tells me of 'home'

    happy days

  20. Hi Zoe

    thanks for your joining us today

    happy days

  21. Hi reya

    I loved the paintings when I came across them and the seasons depicted in the mountains....
    you make me smile... I was berating myself for wasting energy getting angry this morning...such a futile endeavour it was...I could have been 'seeing the sacred' instead...

    Happy days

  22. Hi Meri

    I find all of your ideas work for me too, but perhaps walking is my #1 at the moment...

    Happy days

  23. Hi paul,

    another biker and walker...oh I forgot about the ritual of tea making including its enjoyment...and of course breathing is one of the ever present ways of going inward and shutting the eyes too...I love to lie flat on my back and breath, eyes shut, and relax is such a surrender...why don't I do it more...aren't we crazy people...

    Happy days

  24. hello janie

    I spied your blog this am and told myself it was time to wander over your way and you have beaten me to it..

    I just love solitary walking too is so like a meditation...I think it is...

    happy days

  25. Hi Alex

    Thank you for your detailed response. I can tell that you are a girl who values her inner world and gains great strength from communing with your inner self.
    I am fine thanks, My father is coming to the end of his long walk through life and it has been a very slow farewell...when I told him as I left that I loved him a huge beatific smile spread across his aged face, like that of an innocent child...
    My Mother was so surprised at his lack of usual was a lovely moment...

    happy days

  26. Hi sarah

    I am glad to have been able to show you these paintings Sarah.
    another koala kid....I am heading into the park shortly for my first walk since getting back...I am so looking forward to it....the days are cooler but still 24 C highs, perfect for walking...

    happy days

  27. Hi Delwyn,tears are flowing like a spring rain down my face now,as I red your comment.Im weak and finding that inner strength in myself would be impossible without your insight among few other darlings here on blogosphere!Im coward, cause I still can not,will not accept the fact my dad is going to that end of his earthly path and Im not even there to see him trough those final steps,as he was there for me to teach me how to walk this Earth straight and proud!
    God bless you all Delwyn,thank you and happy days!
    Aleksandra ♥**♥

  28. I tried to comment on this yesterday morning but blogger was uncooperative. these are beautiful paintings.


    have a fun night!


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