Monday, May 3, 2010

Koalas 6,7,8,9,10,11...

Koala Sightings 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
and so on...

I have been lucky enough
to see two koalas
each day 
on my walks
I am walking before sunset
which is koala breakfast time

It is hard to identify the koalas
but I know that this one 
is a new one
he is Baby

Although the photos 
make him appear 
a similar size to his buddies
he is quite small
and is referred to
as a baby by the ranger

This sleepy head

who has a comfortable nest

is not the same as this one

because I saw them both
on the same walk

this one has been 
living along the boardwalk
opposite my home
and I run into him
as I walk to the National Park
Last night I met a breathless German tourist
who excitedly told me
that she had almost walked into him
as he ambled along the boardwalk at dusk
I skedaddled up the pathway 
but he had taken to the gum trees
before I arrived

But I saw him again tonight
silhouetted in the fading light

So I think that might take us to 6
confirmed individuals now 
maybe more
if the above koala
whom I have named Big Butt
is a different one to Pinky

It is getting rather confusing
with the regular sightings
but it is great to see 
so many koalas
in the park
especially ones that pose
like Baby



  1. I just love your pictures of the Koalas. They are adorable.


  2. Wonderful shots of the Koalas. The last in the sequence is great. Such a mischievous expression.

  3. Hi Catarina

    if you want to check back over my koalas just search koala and you will see all of those that I have sighted in the National Park near home.

    thanks for calling by

    Happy days

  4. Hi Martin

    the baby was very appealing, no matter how many I see I always look for more to ooh and ahh over...

    Happy days

  5. they must be rather shy, as you seem to take a lot of pictures of butts. ha. baby is cute

  6. but Tom they are irresistible...

    Happy days

  7. man those koalas are cute! keep checking on them :-)

  8. Hi Val

    I see one or two each walk now...but of course they are quite possible the same one or two...
    Until I get a good clear butt shot I can't tell the difference. Their butt markings are quite varied.

    Happy days

  9. While you take note of koala butt markings, I'm here comparing the shells of turtles, Delwyn. They've just recently come out of their winter hiding, but I have already seen three.
    I'm wondering where the koalas have their the trees like squirrels and raccoons here or on the ground like skunks and rabbits?

  10. delwyn-they are so cute! i can't wait for my daughter to get up so i can show here your little buddies. steven

  11. Hi Wanda
    Koalas being marsupials have a teensy wee baby called a joey (like a kangaroo baby) only the size of a jelly bean. It climbs into the pouch and lives there for about 30 weeks growing on its mother's milk.

    I can see it might be time for me to write a story bringing you some koala information. I'll get on to it. They are intriguing animals.

    Happy days

  12. Hi Steven

    I have seen a very small baby on its mothers back very early one morning (when I was keen to get up and exercise...this no longer happens) the baby was only about 6 to 9 inches long.
    This baby pictured above, was a youth really. They leave home (the pouch) when they are 30 weeks old and leave mum at a year.

    Happy days

  13. Yes, your blog needs to be shared with children, too. These sightings are so exciting. I remember our first trip to a Costa Rican tropical forest and seeing chattering monkeys for the first time. How exhilerating.

  14. What a blessing these beautiful gentle creatures are. To be in their midst must be both exciting and awe-inducing. Do they make any sounds Delwyn? I never tire of your fascinating photos!

  15. They are so adorable, like living teddy bears. I know they are wild creatures but what kind of temperament do they have?

  16. Look at those ears!! Koalas just seem to be sweetness personified. I imagine them living a life of quiet contemplation in their notch in the tree. I think when I feel scattered I might imagine myself as a Koala and assume their peaceful nature.

    Thanks for sharing these Delwyn! Such a treat for this North American!!!

  17. I love seeing these darling guys too! I hope someday to see them in person. How funny that breakfast is at sunset!

  18. Woderful critters. Being able to tell who is who takes time but you seem to have a method. I have a similar problem gettig to kow the local raccoons - by markings, size, and their general nature. Each animal will have an individual character that takes time to see well. But it's a fun project.

  19. I'm in love...these little guys are so precious, so cute and cuddly. Thank you for sharing your walk.

  20. The light on Baby is wonderful. What would happen if you got too close to a Koala? Wold they bite?

  21. Wonderful! Oh thank you for sharing.

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral

  22. Wonderful pictures--an evening stroll with koalas seems like a happy event!

  23. My daughter will be thrilled. She loves your koala posts, as do I. Wonderful images. I never tire of watching them. How much more delightful it must be in the flesh.

  24. How adorable and precious-- I still remember some of the images of koalas -earlier in the year- drinking from someone's water bottle or sitting in someone's rubber swimming pool because it was such a hot dry summer lucky you are to live near them.

  25. How very cute they are, real life little teddy bears.
    To be able to walk out and take shots is just too enviable.

  26. They are so incredibly cute! Does this mean there is plenty of water this year?

  27. Oh, this is so sweet! I am so glad that you look for the little fellows and capture shots for us to enjoy.

  28. Wonderful!

    I haven't seen a koala in the wild for soooo long.

    thank you for sharing this.

    best wishes

  29. Delwyn,
    That last picture is absolutly beautiful!
    I read in your comment above that you had seen a baby on it's mothers back. I'll bet that was a sweet view!

  30. There are many words to describe a Koala, cute isn't one of them.

    One of the things that I find interesting with humans is that many of us have an animal counterpart - When I look at the face of a Koala I am reminded of the face of the poet Pablo Neruda -perhaps some of us were animals in our last incarnation?

  31. big butt and pinky!!
    what a great post...


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