Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Go Back in Time


Let's go back in time
to 1933
to a little boy 

of 7 years old
who loved to draw
and dream
of sailing the seas

according to my Grandmother' note
the sailing ship was drawn
when he was six

The class photo
is of 'Standard One'
in New Zealand
roughly equivalent to Grade 3,
when students were seven years old
Geoffrey sits bottom centre

was in Standard 1 A
at Timaru Primary School
where he learned to draw 
cherry blossom

the little boy also
had a love for nature

I am touched by this picture
with his own handwritten title
and the date
of 29.6.33

(We write the date 
in the day-month-year 
format down here)

I found this treasure
in a worn paper wrapper
with my Grandmother's label

Geoffrey's Drawings
Std 1 A
Aged 7

The little boy
grew up
and ran away to sea at sixteen
on the sailing ship Pamir
Too young to enlist
he joined 
the American Merchant Navy

He is now preparing for his final voyage

Sail away, sail away,  sail away Dad...



  1. A beautiful send off Delwyn.

  2. Dear Delwyn,
    I was so moved by this post, your wonderful collection of your father's art work, the photos, what a treasure. I want to thank you for sharing, i am going through similar circumstances with my mom and your honesty and dignity with which you write these memories makes me feel it's okay for me to do it too.
    safe travels geoffrey, go in love.
    ♥ lori

  3. It's good to have photos and objects that belonged to our parents. I have a couple of pictures of my mum and dad of when they were kids and starting on life's journey. I enjoy looking at them sometimes.

  4. A lovely thoughtful post for your Dad, who obviously had a great love of nature and the sea, it comes through in his boyhood drawings. Thinking of you Delwyn, at this difficult time.

  5. So very poignant. I wish for his final sailing to be smooth.

  6. I'm very sorry for your dad. Your post has touched me a lot.It's very strange to feel how present our beloved parents are in our hearts, even our dreams once departed.Your love of nature is connected with him.Thanks to your father to have passed on you this passion for life you share so well on your blog...
    Take care...
    A webtraveller

  7. Your love will make a bright star to help him on his journey.

  8. He will leave on his next journey filled with the love you give him and the very sweet satisfaction he must have had in having you as a daughter.

  9. Dear Delwyn...the similarity of physical traits, between you and your father, your shared artistic creativity and appreciation of nature is so evident. I find the cherry blossom drawing very telling of this would be right at home on your sidebar.

    Your father's leaving home at an early age reminded me of the song 'Sailing Away' lyrics...

    "I'm sailing away...Set an open course for the Virgin Sea...'Cause I've got to be free...Free to face the life that's ahead of me".

    In away it's a Virgin Sea he faces now!

  10. What wonderful, vibrant art work filled with rich colours. This is a most heartwarming tribute.

  11. delwyn - it's pure magic to see one of the storythreads of your father which we all have gratefully shared through the blessing of your existence. steven

  12. Exquisitely done Delwyn. Such an apt send off. Thinking of you... and sending love and blessings.

  13. He carries the only thing he can- memories. Sounds like they are sweet and will comfort him. You carry the same thing- may they comfort you.

  14. what a beautiful thoughts are with you.

  15. Delwyn, this post is exquisite. I find myself falling into it; into the water, deep blue and green, into the orange and lemon which mirror the little sail boat. Geoffrey's pictures are a tangible reminder of both the man and boy whose life and love is a part of your own journey. Bless you.

  16. Oh Delwyn, I am so sorry for your loss.
    Your memories will sustain you, they may be bittersweet, but you have them.

  17. a profound, precious life.
    and tribute.

    every tear is for the beauty~

  18. Hi,Im here,all the way,just speechless,you wont mind me sit quiet next to the shore,watch the sailing ship go in sunset on its way!
    Bye,bye papa of Delwyn,good journey!
    Delwyn,warm hugs and loads of good love and peace. Aleksandra

  19. What a treasure! It's fortunate your grandma kept them. I wish my parents had something from their childhood to share with me. Love and peace to you and your daddy.

  20. This was such a peaceful and thoughtful post that brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts are with you, Delwyn.

  21. It's an absolutely perfect post!
    Just wonderful, Delwyn! Thinking about you! xxoo

  22. it looks and sounds as if your father had a wonderful voyage through life beginning with his early drawings.. and you posted a lovely tribute to his life.

  23. No words can say how moving this post is, Delwyn.

    May your dad sail happily on, with warm winds and following seas.

  24. Thinking of you, and wishing you well.

  25. A beautiful & moving post--& what truly wonderful artwork. The crayon drawing of the ship & the orange & lemon are both so evocative.

  26. Your words are full of love and poetic.

  27. What a moving trip into the past. Those cherry blossoms are lovely. You really get a sense of what he was like as a boy. I’m not sure about your final comment – did your father pass away or is he dying? My condolences if this is so.

  28. I'm jut now catching up with your family struggles, Delwyn. My prayers are with you. I'm so glad for you that you found this little collection of your father's drawings. The ship/voyage metaphor is perfect and must be a real comfort to you. My own father died rather suddenly; I don't know which is worse, our father leaving without warning or lingering overlong. Thank you for sharing your grief with us.

  29. Great post, amazing blog!!! Congratulations!!


  30. Wow, and that was way before acid-free paper. What a wonderful tribute, both in the preservation and the posting of these things.

  31. Oh Delwin, what a touching tribute to your Dad. Lovely picture, drawings, memories. You're lucky someone kept those things.

  32. Delwyn,
    This post was absolutely beautiful. I can tell that your Dad is very special to you. You are in my thoughts and I'm glad you have these wonderful treasures.

  33. thank you my blog friends for your sympathy and support.
    My Dad sailed away last Saturday night bound for the wild blue yonder.
    I am back in Australia yet again after a very full week learning about death and grief, comfort and support.

    I appreciate your words and thoughts,
    thank you,

    Happy days

  34. What beautiful treasures you have found. your dad had some talent.

    I hope his final voyage provides calm waters


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