Sunday, June 6, 2010

My New Neighbourhood


Come with me
and I'll take you
for a pre dinner stroll
around my new neighbourhood

through an empty block
and across the verdant golf course
we can see the peak
of Bali Hai

along the road sides
the beautiful Frangipani,
called Plumeria in Hawaii,
is now flowering

in whites

and various shades
of pink and red-yellow

while the air is filled 
with gorgeous perfume
and the lawns littered 
with their spent petals

and over here
strident Birds of Paradise
claim their patch

I think
I shall be very happy here
in my new neighbourhood
for a few months...



  1. I'll Trade you for a week! -- A Month? ;-)

  2. welcome Mrs Finch...
    so nice to have you fly over...well if its a swap to Alaska I am sorry to tell you that unfortunately I don't have any thermal underwear...

    Happy days

  3. Your posts are always so serene...And so beautiful!

  4. Delwyn

    Beautiful!! Never wanted to visit Hawaii, but these pictures are making me think twice.

    Have a good day!

    Tracy :)

  5. Bali Hai does call you doesn't it? It has a mystery and magnetism. How blessed are you to have homes in two pieces of paradise?!!

    Hope the balmy seas and gorgeous views are helping you to heal the wound of your Father's passing.

  6. I'm sure you will be too, Delwyn!
    The sunrises and sunsets alone will keep you happy...not to mention the sea and flowers. Are the free roaming roosters there too?


  7. What a huge couple of months you have had. It will be lovely to keep in touch through your Hawaii posts.
    Looks like a magical place.

  8. so, are you spending the winter in Hawaii? Cause I know you just recently moved to a new house in OZ.

    I love plumerias. I have several but they are all pink, except for one white one.

  9. i'll have to link up she who wishes she lived in hawaii and not the frozen northland see all of these posts. the view of bali hai is breathtaking delwyn. steven

  10. Glad to hear that you're happy in your new neighbourhood. You pictures are even more vibrant than usual, viewed on the new Mac. Yes, I joined the club.

  11. Thank you - I enjoyed our walk.

  12. It's beautiful. Thank you for the tour.

  13. Beautiful photos--that really looks like paradise indeed!

  14. Oh my gosh Delwyn,
    i'm feeling your life has a faiery tale quality, with houses in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.
    I'm sure you are enjoying very much your time on Kauai. I love Hawaii too, but haven't been to that island for almost 30 years. Our time is mostly spent on the Big Island, then Maui (inlaws) and then Oahu (family, friends, school).
    Plumerias are the best.

    Wish i were there.

  15. Ah, life is hard!
    A surfeit of beauty is hard to put up with.
    You won't need telling to 'enjoy'.
    Happy Days.

  16. Though I am green with envy, I am glad you will be there and I know you'll be happy. I get to enjoy the stories and photos and live vicariously in Hawaii through you. :) That will be enough... for now. :D

  17. Bless you, Neighbor (islander :)

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  18. I have always wanted to experience plumeria and I am a bit closer to that through your photos... now if we could only transport scent through the screen. How wonderful to be able to experience Hawaii for several months! Enjoy.

  19. Somehow, I think you are going to enjoy your new neighbourhood. Hawaii is just a dream to some of us, though my sister was lucky to have a 6 week vacation there two years ago. Lovely post, so looking forward to more.

  20. ..."spent petals"... Ahhh- beautiful sound.

  21. Oh, Delwyn, have a happy time on this journey. Rest, rejuvenate, and take lots of photos.The Plumeria is my D-i-L's favorite flower.

  22. Oh, Delwyn! I think I'd just die of happiness with all of that spectacular beauty around me!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Blessings!

  23. Gorgeous! I wish there was such thing as scratch-n-sniff blogs.

  24. thank you for the beautiful images-- I have not been home in many years-- sure brings back memories.

  25. Wow! How incredible. Hawaii is way up there on my list of places I'd love to visit. Tho I can't help feeling it may always just be a pipe dream.

    Enjoy your time there, and may you find restful restitution. C x

  26. Lovely. Just lovely. Enjoy your new home away from home.

  27. It looks like you’ve moved to paradise, although I’ll miss your koalas. Welcome to your new temporary home! You have the perfect job to live in such beautiful places. I went to Hawaii once and would love to return. My husband almost took a job there, but it was too far from family.

  28. This landscape is like heaven. I look forward to more walks through it with you Delwyn.

  29. A description of this place should come in capital letters: Garden Utopia? Such a treat to follow your experiences and thoughts.

  30. I was just getting to love your old neighbourhood. However if you have to have a change. This is it!

  31. I love your little patch of paradise, Delwyn! I also love all the flowers, from the smell of the plumeria to the gorgeous bird of paradise. Of which I found a beautiful watercolor in Kauai the last time we were there. It is finally going up on the wall after two years in storage. It had just arrived as the packers were packing so it hasn't been hung yet. Luckily it made it unscathed. Enjoy the next couple of months! (We close on the Maui property on Tuesday.)

  32. Hello all

    thank you for calling by and leaving a note...I do enjoy hearing from you


    there are so many roosters hens and chicks, they amble all over the roads, through the town, on the highway...I'll try and get some shots...

    Welcome Mary
    It is nice to have your company here...

    you won't be disappointed...

    Happy days from balmy paradise
    with the chooks and the albatross, the cocky - woops that's another story...

  33. A feast for the eye and soul! Your photos just shimmer ... that's the only word I can think of .... Visiting Hawaii is of my bucket list.


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