Sunday, June 20, 2010

Of Birds and Beauty...

The first week we lived
in our new neighbourhood
I heard the happy shouts 
and squeals of children
playing in the streets 
and empty blocks around

And then one evening before sunset
I saw the cockatoo
from where all the raucous calling came...

I went out to talk to him
as he sat in a palm tree
in my yard

and he grabbed 
a couple of leaves of the palm
and swung around upside down...


like a trapeze artist in a circus

what a show off you are Mr Cocky

He belongs to a family close by
and has frequent sorties
about the neighbourhood

This beautiful Plumeria in my yard

begins as a red bud

and as it unfurls the red
seems to appear 
on one side of the petal only

what a beauty...

this one is a soft pinky whitewhen unfurled

but the simple yellow centred plumeriaremains my favourite  *


  1. Gorgeous photography, Delwyn. So fresh and new.

  2. Great photos, nothing better than nature :)

    Those frangipanis are so beautiful they don't even look real!!! Lol!!! Ok, I believe you they are, but they are just that PERFECT.

  3. Hello Delwyn

    Wish Mr. Cocky would come visit me!
    Would love to have those flowers in my garden--lucky you.

    Have a nice week

    Tracy :)

  4. I think other species play too! Just like the bird- I've seen dolphins play in the waves, ducks too. Our malamute would go up hills and slide down snow banks over and over. Play is fun!

  5. Beauty seems to be wherever you are. How fitting. How wabi-sabi. How Delwyn!

  6. The only thing nicer than the way plumerias look is their intoxicating fragrance!

  7. The hard winter we had killed my plumerias in the ground but I took cuttings before the cold front came in. They are putting on new leaves and even have two bloom stalks coming up.

  8. I am glad you showed me the plumeria, I had no idea what the plant looks like.
    Have you found a way of sending me the scent?

  9. As I scrolled down this post, my 2 and 1/2 year old saw the photos of the plumeria and said, "Wow, that's cool!" I concur.

  10. The perfect looking Plumeria reminds me of a spinning if they could spin like your spinning cockatoo!


  11. Mr. Cocky is a mightly handsome performer. I like those birds a lot. But the plumeria, ah the plumeria is the most sweet smelling flower of the islands. I wish I could bottle it for times like this in too cold, too rainy Oregon. I know there are all sort of plumeria-named fragrances available to buy but I haven't smelled a single one that's close to the real thing.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  12. Your exotic world is a feast for my eyes, Delwyn. A visiting cockatoo and such luscious-looking flowers (my D-i-L's favorite)! You are sojourning in Paradise.

  13. Beautiful flowers & fun cockatoo adventures! Thanks.

  14. the first lei a child makes...

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  15. Amazing! I feel as if I were reading a picture book of paradise.

  16. It's all so beautiful! I still need to go back and catch up on the rest of your posts that I've been missing out on. But so far, most lovely images and words,especially those sunsets (and thanks for the update on the little birds, too!!)

  17. How lucky are you, with all that noisy colour.

  18. How fun to have such a friendly neighbor! I love plumeria - love the fragrance. I always feel sad when I get a lei that doesn't have smell. Enjoy that beautiful place - we'll be visiting Maui in September to negotiate some remodeling.


  19. such beautiful photo imagery-- once again bringing home memories of my childhood on Kauai.. my aunt recently visited me and I am now planning to finally return home after many years-- but not to Kauai where I grew up but to Honolulu where all my family now lives.


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