Saturday, January 31, 2009


The beady little eyes peeping under this gate belong to a little yappy dog called Walter. Walter becomes agitated each time we pass his house on our dog-walk and he desperately tries to squeeze himself under this little gap. Since the photo was taken the owner has placed a strip of wire mesh under the gate which makes me think Walter has succeeded in his super squeezing attempts at least once.

Walter's claim to fame lies in his heroic ability to locate missing puddy cats. Walter tracked the neighbour's missing cat to a storm water drain from where it was able to be rescued before the rain came.

This superdog deed resulted in Walter being knighted by the local community - he is now known as Sir Walter..

He is still just as yappy.


  1. Are those eucalyptus leaves scattered on the ground?

  2. Truly a super dog, and cute, too! :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. You asked about where I find the quotations to go with my photos. Mostly, I find them here:

    But I have also used The Book of Positive Quotations, John Cook, Fairview Press.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Dan: that they are...they have that familiar arched spine - great for whistling through...

  4. Mary: Thank you Mary for visiting my spot and for taking the time to share that info... Love your work

  5. Lovely post. I especially like your parting shot :-)

  6. Katherine: yes he's very vocal.


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