Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding a new Gym

Finding a new gym:

The sale of my old gym and the subsequent cancellation of all classes there meant that I had to go hunting for a new place to pump and stretch. It was either the cavernous venue with no windows and a hundred glistening bodies or the small health centre in a resort on the lake at the edge of town. As the membership fees were identical there was for me no option. I went for the quiet, the small and the salubrious - if somewhat ostentatious.

The path leading up from the carpark is overhung with a beautiful cerise cascading bauhinia. They have these orchid like flowers (Bauhinia is the national flower of Hong Kong- if it still has one), and the really interesting 2-lobed leaves.

As we enter the resort central facilities building we are accosted by a bevy of Greco-Roman statues. Everywhere you look there's a dead eyed fellow looking back at you.

We pass the obligatory golf shop, restaurant and peaceful reception area and climb the Tara staircase to find the health centre.

This torso greets you at the end of the hallway - rather a strange and incongruent choice of art for the spa and gym entry!

Here's we we swan around at Aqua and at any other time we wish...

If you take that door to the right you enter the inner sanctum of the gym and its trinity of pain sweat and muscles. I feel a little like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz when I come here except I've been plonked down in Florida rather than Texas.

One of the best aspects of the new gym is the restaurant and coffee shop that can make a reasonable coffee- usually 7/10, tho yesterday was a fizzer. This crow and his friend were perched on the tree adjacent to our table yesterday and swooped down upon the uneaten food nearby as soon as the diners had left.
The crows on our tin roof wake us each morning with their discordant parody of early morning birdsong. They pose a problem anywhere you find rubbish, such as schoolyards.

For all the new gym's ostentation and preciousness it is a very pleasant place to work out. The staff and the members are friendly and welcoming and I think I've made the right choice.


  1. Your gym could pass as a resort in these parts! My gym is devoid of any sort of landscaping, sculpture or luxury: a utilitarian business housed in a converted warehouse in the industrial edge of town.

    Is that you taking a photo in the mirror?

  2. Yes Dan, It IS a resort.

    Re the mirror photo: 'tis none other....on my way to pump or body balance class

  3. I like the photograph of the crow - you could use it as a basis for one of your great cards that you create - I wonder what Mr Crow would be saying? :-)

  4. Very good photos by the way - do you do any editing?(cropping of photos etc)at all, or just publish and be damned like me!

  5. That's right, just as they come. Unfortunately Mr Crow is a bit fuzzy. I'll have to ask him to resit.


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