Saturday, January 24, 2009


With Australia Day on Monday the flags are flying, and people are settling into a long weekend: watching 'The Australian Open' on TV , fishing, surfing and having fun.
I am getting into the mood by using a verse from Rolf Harris' very popular 'Tie me kangaroo down sport' which was written in 1957. Although acceptable then, we shouldn't sing one of the original verses as it is no longer p.c.


  1. Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport was a hit here in the states when I was a lad. I think it was a little later than '57, but I remember liking the song as a boy.

  2. I'm glad you remember it Dan, its an aussie icon!

  3. I certainly remember it also, though must admit to not understanding the meaning of most of it. (I was very young and innocent!!)

  4. Hi Violetsky,
    There's a first introductory verse to the song that is spoken in a sombre tone and says:

    "There's an old Australian stockman, lying, dying,
    and he gets himself up on one elbow,
    and he turns to his mates,
    who are gathered 'round him and he says:"

    so that sets the scene for the string of deathbed requests.

  5. I remember the song, too, though certainly a bit past '57. I wasn't aware of the pc-issue till I read about it on Wikipedia just now. Interesting.


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