Wednesday, January 28, 2009


At the local Farmers' Market last Sunday I bought this bunch of Beehives. The golden yellow Beehive belongs to the ginger family - Zingiber Spectabile. They have these unique yellow bracts with honeycomb construction. The flowers were a bit dusty so I washed them and put them in a vase with my 'magic mix' -: 1 teaspoon each of sugar, vinegar and bleach, which functions to keep the water clean and gives the flowers longer lasting power.

A little while later I was drawn back to admire the beehives once again and I noticed this: amazing little flowers had erupted from between the bracts. They looked like miniature butterflies.

Wonders will never cease!


  1. Wow! Incredible beauty!

    I've long thought that the plant kingdom is far more amazing, more creative, and more noble than the animal kingdom. Plants transform minerals, water, and sunlight into so many amazing things: food, flowers, wood, medicines, dyes, and, fibers, not to mention oxygen. It's a miracle we don't appreciate as often as we might. Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. You have been a very busy Bee ver on your site, it is all looking really great and very interesting indeed. :-)

  3. Thank you my ancient friend - thats friend of ancient times not...well you know...

    The blog has taken over where facebook left off - est non?

    Its nice to have supportive co-bloggers and we each contribute such different content - its a lovely cross section of experiences and activities.

  4. Well I never knew such flowers existed! Marvellous. By the way, thanks for dropping by my place. I never realsised that the idiots of yesteryear brought foxes to Oz as well as rabbits. The stupidity of our some of our forefathers was quite breathtaking. Greetings from the Republic of Yorkshire!

  5. Good morning YP and welcome to my neck of the woods. Thank you for your comment.
    Yes rabbits and foxes, cane toads,the mynah bird carp, rats, goats, pigs and feral cats are considered pests here - and that's just the fauna - tho I don't know if we can attribute blame for all of these to your forefathers!

  6. I checked out the picture first and thought they were candles with an orchid!

  7. Fabulous flowers! What pollinates them, I wonder? Lovely posts.

  8. Katherine - the tiny flowers only last about a day so whatever it is it does it quickly!

  9. I've never seen such a thing! Remarkable.


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