Friday, November 18, 2011

Walking Through this Week....

It has been hot in Noosa
too hot to walk once the day warms up
so I ventured out one morning at 5.30am

walking from the beach
into the National park
on my well beaten track 
along the coastal cliffs
Only a handful of people
walked or ran 
so it was peaceful and cool

looking through the curtain
of Casuarina tassels

I was surprised to glimpse
sparkles of dew

A spongy moist fungi growth
on a tree trunk caught my eye

A baby brown snake 
lies on the track
this one left 
for the Great Rainbow Serpent 
in the sky

The Rainbow Serpent
is one of the great spirits of creation
who inhabits deep permanent waterholes
He descended from the dark streak
in the Milky Way

  Tobwabba Collective Art

and reveals himself as a rainbow
as he moves through water and rain
In Aboriginal legend
the Rainbow Serpent moved over 
the flat newly formed earth
creating deep valleys and rivers
nourishing the planet

the Macaranga flower that I showed you
a week or more ago

now looks like a medieval mace
the flower turned to seed

the sun creeping around the points 
along the walk

painted the rocks and grasses
in a different light to usual

the grasses glowed with rust and tarnish

the bright blue sky

held stark old trees in contrast

another blessed day has begun...


  1. that was a big transformation in the Macaranga flower, would not have recognized it, but for the leaves. All the leaves here are now the peachy brown rust color, like the grasses along your walk, Delwyn.They are also on the ground! No vast blue water on my walks, but beautiful clouds filled the blue sky yesterday! My morning begins at 5:30 too! ; )

  2. Such gorgeous natural beauty in your country, amazing! but over here at 5.30am , it's still very dark , sunrise is around 7am local time.

  3. Your walk and images are brought alive for me by the poetry of your words. So lovely to walk with you, Delwyn, and glimpse the sea and your vegetation (and snakes!) so different from mine.

  4. Hello:

    Excellent gallery you have caught the nature in all his brilliance, my more sincere congratulations for having caught so many light, color and beauty; if I like it ... I am not charmed with it.


  5. It's intersting to know there's a similarity between Aboriginal legends and Japanese myth about snakes. According to an old myth here, a snake is a transformation of some Shinto deity, a minister of water and thunder and Japanese sake (wine);a god of agriculture. Though actually its appearance gives me a start of fright,there might be various reasons for its legend.
    Thank you for an early morning walk.

  6. Jama and Cristi - hi there

    I can't find your email addresses to reply personally...

  7. Beautiful pictures, as ever, Delwyn.

    I'm already longing for the days when we have light at 05.30, and we've only just turned the clocks back!

  8. Hello Delwyn

    What a lovely walk! So much beauty and peace~what a way to spend a few hours.

    Take care and have a great week end.


  9. Hello,Delwyn.
    I enjoyed taking a walk with you today! To see the ship sailing on the dazzling blue sea makes me feel refreshing! It is always interesting to see the creatures you have shown. They are unfamiliar to me! The 14th photo is especially lovely. The contrast between the bare tree stretching to the sky and blue sea is catching my heart! I like it.
    Have a great day!

  10. wow! what amazing sights you see on you walk.. and you get to go on this walk every morning.. lucky you.

  11. Hi, Delwyn! What a poetic beginning of a day! I especially like your expression “the grasses glowed with rust and tarnish” and the last four photos. The unique plants and fungi makes me feel like I see another planet. This would be different from the Rainbow Serpent of Aborigine: Japanese “ryu” (dragon), mythical serpent-like creature, is seen as rainbow in its most beautiful form.

  12. Delwyn, I'd forgotten how fabulous your images are! ... I've been away doing post-graduate study, but I'm back visiting!

  13. Beautiful pictures and accompanyying musings


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