Friday, November 25, 2011

Walking along the River

One early morning
I opted for a change of walk venue

taking the riverside path
opposite my home
The Noosa River
a sedate old lady

makes her way to the river mouth
and ocean
the mighty Pacific
weaving its way down from the Lakes
Cootharaba, Cooroibah
Como and Cooloola
originating in the Great Sandy National park
in the Wahpoonga Range

Loggers floated their booty
down her flanks in the 1860s

Richard Branson purchased 
her island Makepeace
near Tewantin township in 2003
A small 9 hectare heart shaped island
originally called Pig Island
as pigs were once quarantined there
You can stay the night
in luxury for only $9000.00
without the pigs...

Though they grow well, the coconuts
that sway and rustle 
along her shores never bear fruit
the climate not warm enough

The white cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets
have left their roosts for the day
thousands upon thousands of them
rising circling screeching

except for a few stragglers
high in the gums
leaving the trees for the mourning doves
the fig birds and the noisy miners

The river is a place for meeting
for families and friends

for fun and water activities
for relaxing and cooling

the Illawarra flame tree
Brachychiton acerifolious

a kurrajong - a genus of about 30 species
drops its leaves in early summer
and flaunts her beauty
of tiny bell shaped flowers

which sprinkle the lawns and sand below
like hundreds and thousands
maybe you know them as non pareils 
or sprinkles
that cover a child's sandwich treat
called fairy bread

The name Kurrajong means fishing line
the tree's bark was used by the Aborigine
to make fishing lines 

the early morning sunshine
is like the Dreamtime 

like the rainbow serpent
conjuring elements and images
form and shape
from another world

a world of water and light
and colour
and even perfume...


  1. I'm visiting you on Thanksgiving eve here in the US - we've just returned from a son's house where we feasted. Your post's photos show me another world, so colorful and magical. Even the names of the river, lakes, trees and birds sound like music. I love the light through the leaves and the boats' reflections. You have such lush, watery places to walk. (That island is really something, but I doubt I'll be staying the night.)

  2. I enjoyed strolling along the riverside in your company, Delwyn. Lovely words and pictures, as always. But, $9000 per night? Not even if I was a millionaire.

  3. Hi Martin
    you can share with a few friends of course, but why do that when you can come across the river to my side and find a nice holiday apartment and have dinner of fish and chips with me on the riverfront...

  4. What a beautiful place you live in. Looks like an absolutely glorious place. Yes, as you say early morning sunshine is like the dreamtime! I am envious of your jaunt time with blue sky, river, ships and the charming bird! Wow. I felt as if I were strolling along the river side with you. It is very interesting to learn that tree’s bark was used by the Aborigine as fishing lines. Thank you Delwyn!

  5. Fish and chips sounds good to me! And your pictures are a feast in themselves...

  6. The sight of thousands of white cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets rising in the morning would be delightful to see and hear! There seems to be color everywhere, trees, birds, flowers, water and the man-made 'rainbow serpent' glows there, I even felt the warmth of the sunlight on the leaves!

  7. wow!
    i can't get over how wonderful your world is

  8. What wonderful way to start your day. So much color and beauty surrounds you!

  9. What a different world from where I live you are showing! Wandering off down to the river mouth and ocean, seeing seemingly various exiotic birds (to me) starting in action for the day, full of blue sky and blue water! How nice! Early morning walk must bring you lots of energy to start the day.
    The last one is gardenia? Looks graceful and fragrant.

  10. Your blog is incredibly lovely ... I'm glad I found you.

  11. You started a glorious day with lovely walk. Rivers have been life-sustaining places. I’m so attracted by the colorful parakeet and I’m interested in the few stragglers forsaking the worldliness and enjoying their solitude. The glowing leaves and the shadows on them, the vibrant colors, and the reflections ...., these make me feel a warm breeze wafting from your photography.


  12. Hello Delwyn

    Another lovely walk~thank you! I love the heart shape island, but for 9.000-???

    Have a great day

    Tracy :)

  13. Such a beautiful walk. I love the names of the places of the source of the river, and of course the heart shaped island and the best of all, the rainbow lorikeet!

  14. D-love the reflections of the kayaks on the rippling water - beautiful image. B


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