Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Misty Morning Walk

A misty haze filled the sky

a mist made of smoke
and sprinkled rain

the sun rose from the Pacific
as usual 
eager to pierce through the gauzy veil

Walking today 
down the wide swathe of foreshore

the high tide nibbling our ankles

to the Headland of the National Park
where dogs are given free reign

to run and scamper chase and swim
without restraint

the persistent sun finds a portal

a misty sky is pierced

however temporarily
and the world below remains



  1. That may have been an energetic interlude for the dogs, but it was a calming stroll for me!

  2. I think mist always adds such mystery and nuance - we rarely get it at altitude. (Of course, we aren't anywhere near a huge body of water, either.) Those pups will need a good spraying off at home! Keep cool, Delwyn!

  3. delwyn! these photographs (esp. 3 and 9) are stunning!!! the words are so quiet and the massive overwhelming silver of the water and sky almost shouts it's so clear and full!!! so very very beautiful. steven

  4. Hi,Delwyn.
    They are very beautiful photos.
    Sky looks very dramatic! I like those
    footprints on the beach!Are they yours?

  5. Hi, Delwyn! Dogs need a way to cool them off in summer. I’d like to see them swimming wild. Strangely, the less colorful, the more powerful the sky looks. The view of the metallic looking sea and the light radiating through the cleft in the cloud is awesome. Here in Nara, misty morning promises sunny day in the daytime.



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