Thursday, November 10, 2011



Why are you afraid of silence
silence is the root of everything
If you spiral into its void
a hundred voices will thunder messages
you long to hear



  1. One has to be silent and still in their mind to hear their own inner voice speaking.

    You may already know 'silent' and 'listen' are favorite words of mine and appear on my side bar...they share the same letters even.

  2. delwyn - these rumi words are new to me. how wonderful!!! steven

  3. I like that re-arrangement of letters Wanda, as the words go hand in hand.

    And on my side bar I have:

    Put your ear down close to your soul
    and listen.

  4. I feel the analogy between "silence" and "darkness". I see lights in the darkness when I close my eyes.
    Sometimes while walking in the woods in silence, I try to listen to myself I am not usually conscious.

  5. beautiful image, lovely words! I have been reading a similar message from Ajahn Brahm (also in Oz!)

  6. When silence is too alien to me to approach, I often start with quiet. Quiet to me implies some sound, but sound that points to silence rather than to itself. That way, I can ease myself toward silence rather than try to force it. Because silence will not be forced.

  7. I love this...and silence. I always 'mute' the ads on TV...ahhhh, peace!! :)

  8. To "spiral into its void" is my desire, often thwarted by my too active mind.

  9. I love Rumi -- and I love your blog. What a wonderful way to share the nature around you with others. The creatures you've photographed are completely new to me (I live in Massachusetts).

    I stopped by to let you know I'm passing on a blog award to you. Please stop by my blog and pick it up:

    All the best,
    Saloma Furlong

  10. Hello Delwyn

    I love silence and reading your posts on Rumi. This remins me of the song by The Tremeloes~Slience is Golden.

    Take care.

    Tracy :)

  11. Hi, Delwyan! These words reminded me of the moon. The moon sails across the sky silently shining gently on the world in the darkness or sadness. That silence touches me powerfully and fills me with music. There are times when the more I speak, the father I find myself from the truth.

  12. A lovely Rumi message. Describes one experience to be found in a meditation practice. It can take years for the hundreds (thousands, really) of voices to run out of things to say.

    Thank you, Delwyn!

  13. Oh this is wonderful! I personally love solitude and silence. I find it healing to my soul! I crave it when I haven't had it in a few days. :)

  14. Hello Delwyan,
    Beautiful words of Rumi. A shallow river makes sound loudly, but a deep river flows silently. His words are so soothing to me.
    Best wishes,


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